Odds of Trips Getting Cancelled


I am doing two trips back to back. The first one is a guaranteed departure date but the second one is not guaranteed. I am wondering what are the odds of the second trip getting cancelled? The second trip will start in the middle of August, I’m hoping this is far enough into the year so it will not be very likely to get cancelled. Does anyone know the odds or how often trips get cancelled because not enough people book the trip?


Hi there,
If your trip does not go ahead we will let you know 8 weeks before departure date and will move you to another trip free of charge. However, in saying that, as you mentioned doing this trip in August, August is a very busy month for us and the trips for that month normally fill up rather quickly, so a guaranteed departure if highly likely :).

Team Topdeck


I spoke to my travel agent yesterday, she’s been booking topdeck tours for years and she said she’s only ever had 2 cancelled so the odds are that you’re trip will depart as planned!


I also did 2 trips back to back & my first one got cancelled so I just went on the next one which departed a week later. But it did mean it would then clash with my second trip so I had to shift the dates of that too. Wasnt too much of an issue though because they did let me know well in advance. You also get a discount if your trip gets cancelled. I was just lucky I hadnt booked my flights home yet.


One of the odds why trips are being cancelled is due to weather elements such as storm and thunder. It is proper to get well informed.


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