Oceanic Empires - START London July 4th - FINISH Dubrovnik August 1st


Hey everyone,

Just wanted to see if there is anyone else doing this particular tour! I’m a solo traveller (25) from Brisbane and I’m seriously counting down the days!!!


Hey Kristy yes I am doing the same tour as you, although I will be starting from Paris rather than London.

So excited! Cannot wait. I am also a solo traveller, I’m based in Sydney:-)


Hey Krystal!

Hooray, I’ve found someone! Do you know of any Facebook Groups or anyone else doing the same tour?


There is a FB group chat going but no one else seems to be doing our same tour. It seems like we cross over with some of them but they don’t start or finish on the same dates.

Glad to know there is at least one other person:-)



That’s wierd we haven’t found anyone else yet hey! Are you in the Facebook group? Any chance you could add me? I’m getting soooo excited :hugs::laughing: Are you staying at the wombats Hostel in London before the tour starts? I’m going to be there for 2 nights before it begins.