Oceanic Empires May 29th - June 30th 2018


Hi Guys,
First time travelling Solo from Melbourne, wondering if anyone else has booked this trip and if anyone else is from Melbourne would love to catch up before we take off!


Oh Bummer! I’m doing the same tour but I’m doing the trip before yours!


Hey Court I’m from Queensland I’m also travelling solo! Feel free to add me on FB :slight_smile:

Maybe we could meet up in London beforehand?

So excited!



Hey Kaitlin,

Yes sounds perfect to me! send me a link to your facebook or feel free to add me, there are a lot of kaitlin campbells haha :stuck_out_tongue:



Hey Courtney and Kailtin,

I’m from Canberra and travelling solo as well! Feel free to add me on FB. I’ll also be in London beforehand :slight_smile:



Hey Guys!

Im from Adelaide and I’m travelling solo also :smile:

Feel free to add me on Facebook

Can’t wait!!



Hey Guys,

I am from Adelaide, Australia and I am on this tour. I am travelling solo in Europe until the 30th of July :slight_smile:



Hey guys! I’m doing the same trip solo :slight_smile: should we meet in London beforehand!? Feel free to add me on FB xx

@Mikaila_Grace and @April_Trewartha I’m from Adelaide too!!