NZ Southern Explorer... would you rate it?


Hey There!

Looking at doing the Southern Explorer tour in june / jule 2017.

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or comments on this particular tour… Is it good?

Or if anyone is thinking of going around that time ?

Cheers! Jasmine - Australia


Hi jasmine,
I haven’t been on one before but I was looking at doing this tour around the same time :slight_smile:

Nic - Australia


Hey Nic! Ive booked to go from 30th June onwards. I’m so excited! Are you a solo traveller?

Jasmine :slight_smile:


Hey Jasmine,

Yes I would be going on my own. I travelled to the north island last year with my two young daughters, but this year I would like to go on my own :slight_smile:



I have booked for the same trip - got the last seat! Haha