NZ 7 Day Southern Explorer 26/9-2/10 2016


Has anyone else booked for this trip? Its part of a few longer tours and I just wanted to see if there was anyone else starting in Christchurch. :slight_smile:


I’ve booked in for the 7 day Southern Explorer starting at Christchurch on the 26th :slight_smile:


Yay, can’t wait!!!


Me either! :slight_smile:
Where are you travelling from?


from Canberra, what about you?


Im travelling from Perth :slight_smile:


Cool, are you staying in NZ before or after the tour?


I’m getting into Christchurch on the 25th and flying back home on the 3rd so only a night before and a night after the tour. What about you?


I haven’t booked my flights yet, but was thinking something similar.
I’m pretty unorganised to be honest, it was an impulse decision to go!


Ohh okay, I figured if I get there a day early at least I can have a quick look around Christchurch.
My decision was also impulse haha


Yeah, I think i will see what ends up being cheaper to stay before or after, when I get around to booking my flights!!!
Is there anything you are planning on doing there?


Haha that’s fair enough :slight_smile:
Um no plans as yet, what about you?


Just wanted to say hi since I’ve just booked for this trip also
I’m travelling from Perth as well


Hi :slight_smile:
Looking forward to it!!


I’m thinking about it! Need a push to lock it in I think! Haha


I have booked this tour as well. I’m coming across on the 23rd to go to a wedding then will join the tour on the 26th! Booked to stay at the Jailhouse the night before and after the tour. I’m from Melbourne :slight_smile:


Anyone staying at the breakfree?


I am :slight_smile: