NYC to LA coast to coast trip


I just booked in for the coast to coast on 21st June. So exited. But I have not idea how much money I’m gonna need. Anyone got any ideas I’m not a big spender and not a huge drinker either. :slight_smile: if you have any advice would be great.


Honestly, budget for anything. You never know what you might find to buy or what optional activities there might be. I learnt that the hard way.


Hi Monique.
I am booked for same trip.
Do you have confirmation of a definate departure?


Hi. Im on the same trip but starting 2nd of August! Im also wondering about how much spending money & costs of optional activities e.g helicopter at the grand canyon etc? Any tips appreciated!!! :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: Im on the same trip!! Im also traveling alone eeeek hahaha


I haven’t got confirmation Kateew, did you get it? I’m really keen to find out.


I have done tours of the USA and I have always made sure I had enough money to do every optional even if I didnt want to do it. Once I was on the tour optionals I didnt intend on doing I did and ones that I did want to do neccessarily didnt do. One tour I did every single one except two and that was because no one wanted to do them anyway. May be different with Topdeck but when I have done other tours in the USA sometimes there may have been a baseball game or basketball game on and if it was on a night that was a free one a whole heaps of us would go.