NYC to LA 9th October


Hey anyone doing this road trip??


Hey @Lucan

We are looking at doing the School of Rock ex NY on 9th Oct so would jump off the tour in New Orleans!


Hi Everyone I’m Amy.

My partner and I have just booked this tour. Super Excited. I have set up a facebook group so we could all get to know each other a bit before we go and see what plans people have for before and after the tour.

We will be travelling from Perth, Australia we have some time in the USA before and after the tour. Will be in New York for about a week before the tour starts.

If you would like me to add you to the face book group let me know your details so I can find you or you can look the group up and request I add you School Of Rock 9th Oct 2016 Departure Ex NY.

Look forward to meeting you all.



Hey guys I am doing the tour via Miami so I will join you guys in New Orleans unless they don’t get enough people then I guess I will join your group on the school of rock tour then onto LA, Amy I am going to Hawaii for 6 nights then NY for 4 nights before the tour I am booking a few day tours on viator I will let you know what my plans are if you and your partner are keen, I don’t do facebook so can let you know on here if you want. I have decided not to stay in the hotel top deck are using as a pick up point due to reviews what is everyone else doing? I am staying at the W in times square. I am flying from Kalgoorlie on the 28th of September. Counting down the months super excited


Hi Lucan,

I’m a little confused going via Miami??? Which tour is it exactly that your doing?

Sweet in NY before the tour means we’ll be there too. If you can let me know what tours your planning that would be great :smile:

We haven’t booked our pre tour accommodation yet so will check out W in Times Square.

No worries about FB no ones in the group yet anyway haha just me :frowning: Its so exciting i’m counting down too feels like forever away.

Have you been to the US before? Do you work in Kalgoorlie?



yeah so I am doing the alternate route which heads down to Washington, Charlotte, Savannah, Orlando then Miami and catch a flight to New Orleans. I was looking at doing the coast to coast but found out how much time you spend in the bus opposed to this tour and opted for this one plus I am hoping to catch a basketball game or two on the trip, also NFL and an ice hockey match in NY would be awesome I also discovered my free day in Austin Texas coincides with the F1 race day so hope to get to watch the race live. NY so far I am planning a day to see 9/11 and do the statue of liberty with a skip the line ticket to the crown/pedastal for views of the skyline, also booking a night time slot to go to the Top of the Rock (Rockerfeller ) tower I arrive in NY on the 5th of October so honestly I am easy you guys will have your bearings down pact by then so any time we meet up and get lost you know who I am blaming lol. This is my first trip to the US and yes I am based in Kal I drive locomotives out of Kalgoorlie across to South Australia and up to Perth. There is a new show on Discovery channel on Thursdays at 5:30pm started last week if you have foxtel. I don’t know if I am famous yet lol. Have you both booked everything and what are your plans???


Just did the obvious had a look I start off on the southern charm tour if you wanted to see the the people going onto LA meet up in New Orleans


Hey Lucan,

I’m still a little confused on exactly what date we will meet up the tour…what dates are you in New Orleans?

Anyway We are in NY from the 2nd October so will be able to catch up before the tour. We haven’t booked any tours yet as just starting to get an idea of what to see there is sooo much to do…

Def want to do 9/11 and the statue of liberty skip the line ticket sounds good and the night time slot for top of the rock - where are you booking these through have you found a site that best. Let me know what day you planing these things see if we can work something out if you would rather some company :smile:

I’m thinking maybe even a trip the the theatre one night since we are in NY after all. I’ll be hard pressed to get my partner there though haha.

Also we’re thinking maybe a Sopranos Sites Tour.



Well it depends on what you guys are doing, are you going on to LA or just New Orleans? The tour I am on flys from Miami to New Orleans on the19th of October. The site I have looked at is called I used it last year to book tours in Europe and it was very good, it does charge more than if you paid on the day but you are guaranteed a spot and it is easy you also pay in aussie dollars so you know what you are being charged. Like your partner not sure if I want to see a show but have been told if you are in the right place at the right time you can get free tickets. I will be going to an ice hockey match or some sporting event if there is a game on might be something your partner might want to do that maybe a way to get him to go to the theatre lol. Viator has a sopranos tour it goes for 4 hours for 80 bucks each otherwise there is a mob tour.


I am looking at doing an 8 hour tour which covers statue of liberty, ellis island, 9/11tour, top of one world observatory on the 6th costs 156.48. There is also a night time cruise and bus tour that would be good for night time photos of lady liberty and the skyline from a boat. I will leave you to check out everything and discuss things with your partner just let me know if you guys are interested in anything.

Happy planning!


Hi Lucan,

Oh i get it now think I am have come into the wrong group haha…we are only going to New Orleans.

Anyway will be in NY at the same time.

I’m going to look at getting a City Explorer Pass and a CityPass which covers most of the activities we are looking at.

Have you checked out either or those def work looking into.

Let me know if you find a sporting match you are thinking of going to and when it is.

Also spoke to my partner about the theater he is quite interested in seeing The Book Of Mormon its by the people who make South Park meant to be really good apparently. If you’re interested let me know.

With the NY Explorer Pass there is a night time cruise that we would look at doing for photos and also maybe a night time bus ride.

We are also thinking about a Bike Tour through central park as a good way to get our bearings of it.



hey Amy,
Sorry I have been a bit flat out recently so have been away from the computer. I will know more about sporting events later in the year as the schedules haven’t been released yet but I will keep you informed and will book tickets if you are both interested. I could be swayed into a show but not sure yet lol, the passes look pretty good I was going to do a tour through viator just for the personal touch and to have a guide. Would definitely be interested in doing a few other things such as the night cruise. Have you guys sorted out your accommodation yet?


Hi @AmyBarnett1 ,

What is the FB group? I tried to look it up but cannot find it!
I am doing the same tour ex NY on 9th Oct :slight_smile: We don’t arrive NY until the 5th October though!


Hi Tamara,


Request to be added and i’ll add you.



Hi Lucan,

No worries and that sounds good.

At this stage this is a rough plan that we are looking at doing so far. Could change though haha…So much to see so little time!

-Empire State Building day and again later that night on the 2/10 Citipass lets you go back at night for Free on the same day.
-Harbour Lights Cruise on the evening of the 2/10.
-2 hour bike tours through central park on the morning of the 3/10 (have booked this already)
-maybe top of the rock this day to 03/10…with the city pass you can upgrade to go back at night too.
-Maybe a self guided roof top bar crawl this evening 3/10
-4/10 maybe 9/11 memorial and have found this cool self guided walking tours down that way that we might do as well.
-05/10 TV and Movies Tour and then maybe explore the highline.
-not sure eactly what on the 6th maybe explore harlm or something…
-07/10 City boat cruise day time
-8/10 Saparonos Tour (have booked this already)

Yes have booked accommodation at Hotel Chandler. The W would be amazing but a bit more then we are wanting to spend :slight_smile:

We will book the harbour night cruise on the day of the 2nd apparently they just say you need to arrive 45min early and then you shouldn’t miss out.



Hey Amy,
Well isn’t time flying!! I have gone through your plans unfortunately nothing matches up with my plans I have the 5th as a free day as I arrive in New York at 7am so just going to check out the surroundings, might be able to meet up one night for dinner and drinks or something.
I will let you guys know what sport is happening unfortunately the only American football is on Sunday the 9th but seeing as you are there earlier there is a game on the 2nd if you are keen to see a game??
The W looked cool and not a bad location, nothing is cheap in New York accommodation wise the Chandler looks pretty good are you staying at the hotel top deck are departing from the night before?? My travel agent recommended staying there one night but I said I would rather get up a bit earlier and take the subway might even be walking distance.
Well take care


Hey Lucan,

It sure is…just over 4 months now till we leave!

Its a very loose plan at the moment what time on the 5th do you arrive? And yea we should def meet up for dinner and or some drinks one night :slight_smile:

The Hotel out tour departs from is the Marrakech Hotel and apparently 8am. This was very expensive for what it was if I remember correctly so we aren’t staying there the night before. Same as you plan to get up early and either get the subway or a taxi (have heard a taxi might be easier if you have a suit case???) If your tour is departing from the same place maybe we can arrange to try go together or something… I think its up near the top of central park on the upper westside so a bit of a mish away.

Let me know if any other sporting events you look into fit in to when your there.

Anyway keep in touch if you come up with anything else otherwise will be in touch closer to the time.



G’day Amy
I arrive into JFK around 6-7am coming from Hawaii via Los Angeles so don’t need to go through customs. Dinner and drinks sound good, got many people on the facebook page for your trip?
My tour does start at the same hotel and couldn’t agree more with the over pricing for the reviews I read. We can sort out travel plans to the hotel over a beer or two :slight_smile: You are 100% right on the location and could be a huge mission.
My plans thus far is 6th go to statue of liberty and 9/11, trying to suss the rest out at the moment to get the most out of my time and not kill myself rushing around so I can enjoy it all.
I will update you on sport when the ice hockey and basketball seasons release their schedule later in the year.
Will update you when I get everything together. Take care