NYC to LA (21st June to 10 July 2013)


Hey Guys, Iv just booked for the NYC to LA on the 21st June to the 10th July… Hoping a few of you have to and maybe we could link up and chat about it… Im traveling alone ( so this is a biggie for me haha) Hope we can get each other excited about the trip :slight_smile:


Hi Gabs, I’m Booked in for the same tour! and i am also going it alone :slight_smile: Not my first time overseas but my first time going alone. I’m really excited about going and I’m dying to hear if its going to be confirmed departure or not. But i did notice they added a few extra dates in and they have the good discount going so things look good :).


Hey! i’ve just booked in too and i’m also travelling alone. Have been to the states before when i was younger looking forward to getting back over there. Cant wait!!! ;D


Hey All, I’ve just booked onto this tour as well! Am so excited yet slightly nervous going overseas alone for the first time eeek!! Is anyone having a few days in New York before the tour starts? Would be great to meet up before the tour starts and see some of the sights New York has to offer!! It’s going to be soo much fun!! :slight_smile:


Hi Jenns,

I’m doing 3 days in boston and 3 in NY before the tour so ill be there from the 18th :slight_smile:

so awesome that there are so many off us going alone, its getting closer YAY


Hey Monique,

Sounds good - I’m having 5 days there arriving on the 15th. Have been doing lots of research on shops and things to see there!!

If any of you have facebook feel free to add me - Can sometimes be a bit easier chatting through there

hopefully the next few months fly by!!


Hey Guys :slight_smile:
Sorry i havent gotten back to any of you recently… iv been so busy! Thats so exciting! I will also be there a few days earlier, i get there on the 18th :slight_smile: Have you all booked into hotels and that yet? It would be amazing to get a head start on some of the sites and shops :slight_smile:

My email address is
Maybe we can start plaining prior to the trip :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you guys


oh…does anyone have the pre-departure info?? x


Hey Gabs

I’m also from SA and doing this trip, but from 7-27 June 2013. I think it would have been cool if we went at the same time - but I know it will be just as exciting to meet new people. :slight_smile:


Hey Gabs,

I’m been doing so much research on shops and sites! Is going to be a struggle to remain at 20kg for the start of the trip I think!

I haven’t booked my hotels yet - although I believe my travel agent was booking me into the ‘pre accommodation’ they offer as it is where the tour starts the next day. Apart from that I’m still looking.

Would be great catching up before the tour is anyone thinking of seeing some shows while there? I’m been looking at whats on Broadway and there’s some really good ones playing!

I haven’t received any pre departure info as yet either.

I’ll send you an email xx


Hey all,

Just wondering what you’re doing at the end for the tour? Is anyone staying in LA and seeing some of the sites? I’m heading to Disneyland if anyone was thinking of going there?


Hi there

I’m looking at booking this trip next week, provided there’s still room. Just wondering what people are doing for pre accommodation in New York. I had a look online but everything I saw was pretty expensive. Was wondering if anyone has organised accommodation with top deck and what it is? I am planning on arriving in new york Monday the 17th. Look forward to replies.



Hey Richie :slight_smile:

You should definitely book for the trip, Jenns and I have been chatting and it looks like its going to be amazing!! My travel agent looked into the pre-accomodation an its a hostel situation :slight_smile: I am going to stay at a hotel for my duration as it just seems a bit easier and iv organised a shuttle service to meet the group on the 21st :slight_smile:

Drop me an email and maybe we can see if we can help each other out :slight_smile:



Hi everyone,

i havent checked this in a while i have been so busy with work. Jenns, i would love to go to disneyland. Im in LA till the 13th i found this cool starling tour, that takes you there and brings you back its 14 hours and 150 pp it picks you up from the Chinese theatre at 9.30am

also i would love to see a show, i was a bit put off by seeing it alone tho. lol maybe we could get a group together. for a pre trip dinner and drinks is my address



has any one else looked at the availability for our tour, because last time i checked it said available next to our tour it now says guaranteed departure!!! hoping to god this is right when i saw it i almost jumped out of my seat! emailed topdeck to check but yay!!!


Hey Richie,

I know being peak season over there made the accommodation a little more expensive! I’m staying at the Days Inn Hotel on Broadway from memory - am changing to the Crowne Plaza hotel near the airport for the night before the tour which is somewhat where or close to the tour departure.

I’m arriving in NYC on the 15th so will be more than happy to meet up once you are there.

Gabs and I seem to get more and more excited with each email we send!

We should create a facebook group so it’s easier to keep in contact with each other?

I purchased my suitcase today which has the required measurements… all afternoon I’ve been wondering how I’m going to fit everything in it as well as having some room for my purchases! My morning is now going to be spent packing it to see just how much I can/can’t take with me hahah!


how do we know were we get picked up or dropped off before and after the tour? or what time


I think that will be in our pre departure information we receive 4-6 weeks prior to leaving - I know that’s when we should get the information regarding all of the optional extras as well.


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry I have been a bit useless with replying and coming onto the site at the moment! Work as been chaotic!! I hope you all are fantastic and are as egar as I am for this trip! Like Jenns and I have been chatting about, we seem to be running out of weeks! haha ( Im glad one of us is totally organised!! Go Jen!!) haha

I think the facebook group idea is probably a much better way to communicate with each othe? what do you guys think? I also emailed topdeck to see what was happening with the predeparture requirements and like Jenns said we should be getting it 4-6 weeks before the trip ( which is like now haha)

hope you all have a great week!



Hey All,

I’ve created a Facebook group for us to all chat in as it can be easier for all of us to see the posts and keep up to date with what we’re up to the details are;

Topdeck Coast to Coast tour NYC to To 21st June 2013

Am getting so excited can’t beleive how quickly it will be here!!!