NYC New Years 18/19


Hi everyone
I am a solo traveller from newcastle doing this tour straight after Stars and Stripes tour that im on from the 18th of december 2018 Till the 30th of december and am seeing who else has booked this tour? Wanting to hopefully get to know some people before I go. Hope to hear from some of you soon


Hey Bryce, I’ve booked another tour Manhattan to Miami starting on the 30th, I beleive that part of our tour will be joining yours for the first few days.


Hey Bryce! I just booked this tour - also solo travelling from Brissie :slight_smile: super excited! I’ll be in on the 29th - I’m doing the hostels so I’ll be checking in the night before to the same hostel. Can’t wait!


Im looking forward to meeting you guys i will be flying into JFK on the 30th


Awesome! I’ll be out exploring on the 30th so I’ll see you that evening when we meet the group :slight_smile: getting close now!