NYC New Years '17/'18


Hey Alex! I’m doing the 27 day road trip from LA! I will be on the west coast from 1/12 and finishing up in new york for new years!! just requested an add to the facebook group :slight_smile:


Hey Marnie! I’m from Sydney too, I’m doing the 27 day road trip from LA to NYC ending on 30th as well :slight_smile:


Is that the one that turns into the southern charm? How exciting!!


fairly sure it is!


Hey man, i’m arriving in NYC on the 27th, doing the NYE in NYC tour then Coast to Coast from the 2nd!


I never tried travelling alone, But after reading this post, I am willing to try it once. It seems exciting.


Book it in bro


hey I’m doing the stars and stripes tour on 21 dec i arrive in LA on the 14 of dec
I’m from new zealand solo traveller


I’ll try and find you on Facebook and add you to the group. I arrive on the 17th.


I am a solo traveller from Brisbane considering doing the New York NYE tour, I am wondering if anyone would be wanting to meet up with me to see the sights of New York?


Hey everyone, I have added myself to your group as I’m finalising my book now and will be bringing in the new year with you too! :slight_smile:


I would be keen Bec :slight_smile:


hi everyone just made a group page on facebook for everyone to communicate with each other until the big day even upload pics the page is called. Topdeck new york new year 2017/18


Hey guys, just discovered this post on the forum. I’m doing NYC NYE 17/18 and arrive in NYC on Dec 26th. Will stay in NYC till 4th Jan :wink: can someone add me to the FB group??