NYC New Years '17/'18


Hey guys,

Solo traveller from Perth WA, just want to try meet a few fellow travellers before heading over. Getting excited.



Hey Alex! I’m doing this as well! I’m from Sydney!


Hey! I’m doing the stars and stripes tour which ends in NY for New Years so will be meeting up with you guys! Travelling solo from Melbourne :slight_smile:


Hey hey! I’m doing this solo too and also from Perth :blush: Are you guys doing the hotel or hostel one?


Yaaay friends :slight_smile:️:grin: Can’t wait to meet you all! Don’t suppose anyone will be on the west coast in early December? I’m having my 21st in LA On the 6th :crossed_fingers:t2:


Woooo! Where in Perth?


I looked at that one but it was a little pricey :grimacing: Can’t wait to meet ya Samm, where will that tour have you for Chrissy?


Hi all, myself and my bestie are also doing this tour, coming from south of Sydney :slight_smile: We’ll be coming from the Southern Charm ending on 30/12 so will be in the area for drinks!


South of the river in Willetton how about you?!


I get to NYC on the 28th so I’m keen to meet up beforehand for drinks :blush:


Think I’m gonna be there for Chrissy as well :slight_smile:


I’m north, past joondalup

I’m gonna start a Facebook group sometime soon and try stalk all of you down! It’ll be a lot easier then this site


Yeah it was but seemed to cover all the bases! I’m in Vegas for Christmas, how about you? Are you staying on after the trip as well?


Yeah that’s fair… I’ll probably be in New York for Chrissy aswell, but I won’t know anyone :frowning: ahah yeah I’m kicking on for another 2 weeks after New Years but no plans as yet


What’s everyone’s last names I’ll make this group on FB


Oh awesome, I’m sure you’ll find someone there at the same time! You’re over there for quite a while then hey?


Sam Bec :slight_smile:


Yeah I am in the states from the 4th of December to the 15th of jan… 6 weeks exactly :grin:


Here’s the link to the Facebook group :grin: Just request to be in and I’ll add yas in :ok_hand:t2:


Anyone doing Stars and Stripes 21 Dec- 2 Jan?
I made a Facebook group a few months back but I only have a few people on it. Also I did the same trip last year so excited to be doing it again!! :grin: