Not sure what to pack? help?


Hi if there is anyone out there that can help me sort out what type of clothes to pack? im heading on spirit of europe tour in 3 weeks and just not sure what type of clothes to pack should I back for aussie winter? do i need many going out clothes?[br]look foward to some feedback[br]thanks guys


Hi I have just finished packing for my trip. I recommend the bare essentials I managed to get my pack to 12 kgs including sleeping bag and clothes I will be wearing.[br]Often things have more than one use as well and layering clothes will save you taking all warm clothing.[br]If you wanted to leave space for any purchases also pack your bag with the daypack at the bottom of it, so you know there is spare space.[br]Also I would say packing for Aussie winter is a good idea but make sure you have some summery clothes as well.[br]Hope this helps, I’m sure I can provide more help but I’ve gone a little brain dead tonight.[br][br]Have a great trip[br][br]Mike


Hey Chick,[br][br]I’ve packed chiffon tops that will layer over long sleeve T shirts if I need to keep warm, and they’re light enough if it gets hot. I also have two skirts, leggings, jeans and a few going out clothes. I bought a thermal 100% water proof jacket though from Snowgum just in case, black of course so it goes with my going out clothes! :slight_smile: I’m taking my sleeping bag, my pillow and towels too! [br]My best friend reckons sewing a king size flat sheet up the side so that it makes a sleeping bag/sheet is a good idea too - it can be washed rather than sleeping in a sleeping bag for a month. Just a thought? I’m thinking of taking a little black dress for the Casino in Monaco, it’s one that shouldn’t crease too much! I think the hardest thing is culling - 20kg isn’t much, especially when you want to take a straightener, hair dryer etc! LOL[br][br]Jacinta :slight_smile:


I have gone through this same problem with a few of the girls on my tour. I ended up with a few basics like jeans & black pants that can be dollied up for the pub or a night out with a nice top and heels. Also packed my black cardy which may sound nana but will make a t-shirt warmer and is really light. Hope this helps! I definitely feel your pain!