Northern Nomad Sept - Oktoberfest as well?


Hi there Top Deck forum,

I think I will book the Northern Nomad tour in September…I was just wondering if anyone knows whether our stay in Munich would include a visit to Oktoberfest or whether this has to be a separate optional extra? And if so, how is this done?

Many thanks for your help?


Hi there,

My husband and I are doing the northern nomad on 30th July. We have also booked to do the Oktoberfest make your own way camping tour. I think on the northern nomad you do get a chance to have a look at the beer fest but im not sure how much time you would get to spend there. To be honest the Oktoberfest tour is super cheap so I would just book the seperate.


I agree with Amy, I plan on doing both northern nomad and oktoberfest. More travel time abroad, anyway. So it’s a great excuse! :slight_smile: