Northern Exposure


Hey everyone!
I am doing the Northern Exposure departing on the 25th June 2017, anyone else doing this? Or have any tips about clothing, whether a sleeping bag is necessary etc?


Hi Jess,

I’m doing the Northern Exposure too, but a week later. I remember reading somewhere that we do need to bring a sleeping bag.


I heard about the Northern Exposure but nothing planed about for this trip. :confused:


Ya, Sleeping bag is very necessary…becz nighttime and morning time temperature 40s Fahrenheit to below Freezing…

I hope this help u…
If u any problem then u freely ask me


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Hey Jess I’ve just booked this trip.
Always wanted to explore Scandinavia so can’t wait. Where abouts are you traveling from??


Hey Domi,

Neither can I! I am travelling from a town about an hour and half south of Sydney :slight_smile: You?


I’m from Sydney.
I’ll be traveling around from end of May before making my way to Berlin.


Are you staying at Wombat’s the night before the tour starts?


not sure haven’t planned that far yet.
Is that where the tour starts? I just checked the trip notes and can’t actually find where we start from beside Berlin.


Yeah, on the updated trip notes, it says Wombat’s City Hostel