Northern Exposure/Red Star Special MAY 16TH


Hi everyone!

I’ve just booked onto the Northern Exposure trip (Berlin-Tallinn) leaving 16th May, typically rather last minute!Had a quick check of the forum and don’t think theres already a topic running for these dates? So just seeing if theres anyone out there on the same trip! Massively excited…its only been a couple of months since i got back from my last big adventure in central/south america, but I already have itchy feet :slight_smile:
Having some backpack dilemmas; are people taking mainly warm (and bulky!) winter wear or a mixture? Sure it will be quite balmy in the more southernly cities, but freezing up in Northern Norway. Argh I am terrible at packing! Oh also I am not joining the tour until a day late, morning of the 17th, as got a big race on the 16th in the UK that ive been training for, will be jumping on a plane straight after…hopefully will not miss too much!
Anyway, can’t wait to hear from any future travel buddies, am going solo so would be lovely to chat before we all meet in Berlin. I have always wanted to go to the far North and v.v hyped to have booked it!

Rose x


Im going on the russia scandi part of the red star special on 30th May. Do our trips connect?


aw no don’t think so, think theres a northern exposure trip leaving on the 30th May from Berlin too that you will go with until Stockholm? Not sure though, v. confusing :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I did the Scenic Scandi trip last year. I’ve replied to a similar topic elsewhere, so for simplicity I’ll copy/paste my post here for you, hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions though {Smile}


I did the Scenic Scandi trip (Starting in Oslo, finishing in Tallinn) in July last year, and had an awesome time! I think you’ve made a good choice. I actually wanted to start off in Berlin and go to Tallinn, but that leg of the trip was fully booked.

Just a few things to be aware of:

-Norway is very expensive, so make sure you take enough money with you. As most of the meals are provided, it’s really just down to snacks & maybe the odd meal here and there, add ons (eg the Viking Museum in Oslo, bobsleigh ride etc) and any souvenirs, alcohol etc.
As an example, a beer in a pub in Oslo cost me around NZ$17, and a big mac combo was around NZ$25. Most of the people that were already on the trip when I joined had bought alcohol with them from Germany or Sweden as it’s apparently much cheaper there, so if you fancy having a few drinks that’s probably not a bad idea. I don’t mean to scare you, but I’d much rather you knew in advance!

-I’d recommend doing all of the optional extras, such as the bobsleigh ride at Lillehammer (LOTS of fun!), Polar Zoo, and the Nordkapp excursion to see the midnight sun. I guess they depend on your own interests though. As far as I’m aware, no one regretted doing the optional extras, but some of those who didn’t do them, did!

-Don’t forget to take togs for the ‘polar plunge’ - everyone on my trip did it, and it certainly wakes you up! It’s good to say that you’ve done it too.

-I can’t remember exactly where it was, but in Tallinn (it was a few minutes walk from the town square, in a roughly uphill direction) we found a great little place that made savoury and sweet pancakes. It was great for lunch, quite reasonable too, but don’t eat too much before the dinner that evening!

As for clothing, it got pretty cold while we were there, so make sure you pack some warm clothes to take!

If anyone is flying into Oslo with Ryanair (and possibly with some other airlines I guess), you will fly into Torp Sandefjord airport, which is NOT in Oslo, but is a one and a half or so hour bus ride away (from memory). There is a shuttle bus which goes at regular intervals, and in my case it was still cheaper to do this than fly directly into Oslo. This takes you to the central bus station, which is a short walk away from a town square, which has a tourist information place next to it, and they can help you find the bus stop (not far away) you need to get to the accomodation for the first night. Most people speak at least basic English so it shouldn’t be a big problem to find your way there.

That is all I can think of for the time being, I hope that helps! If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I kept a travel blog of my trip, but I think it’s probably best to let you discover things for yourselves.

Hope this helps and that you have a great time!