Northern Exposure/Red Star Special 14.06.09


I?m going on the Northern Exposure tour departing on June 14th 2009. My tour is the first 22 days of the Red Star Special tour.[br][br]Get in touch if you are too :)[br][br]Aussie in Berlin[br]


Gidday Aussie[br][br]I’m booked on this trip as well. Just doing the Northern Exposure part, can’t wait should be good times![br][br]Leon


Heya’s[br]Im on the red star, so will be with you :)[br]aussie, where abouts in aust u from? im a perth girl myself.[br]cant wait for this trip, only a couple months to go![br][br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


Hey, [br][br]I?m from Adelaide, but have been living in Berlin for the past 13 months.[br][br]I?m on msn as if you want to chat before the trip :-)[br][br]Colette


Hey Colette[br][br]It will be cool to have a local in the group for the first couple of days of tour in Berlin, you’ll be able to give us the inside word on the good bars. I was in Berlin last October but didn’t go out much (had enough drinking at octoberfest lol).[br][br]rmb85 are you getting to Berlin the day before departure (sat) or on the sunday? If the saturday where abouts are you staying?[br][br]Leon[br]msn:


Yeh for sure, I know plenty of cool places to go out.[br][br]I?m travelling for 2 weeks alone before the tour (Amsterdam from 1st to 6th, Brugge from 6th to 9th, and Brussels from 9th to 13th June) then back to Berlin.[br][br]So if anyone happens to be in those places on those dates… let me know :-)[br][br]Colette


I’m travelling solo before tour for a bit as well.[br]I’m heading to Paris 5-8 june then onto Switzerland. Starting in geneva and making my way up to Berlin. No real plan as long as I am in Berlin by 14 June.[br][br]Amsterdam and Belgium are both cool places. Heaps to see and do.[br][br]Leon[br]Northern Exposure 14 June 09


Hey Leon, [br]I get to Berlin on the Thursday night. I get the worst jet lag…so have to arrive a few days early to get over it lol. I’ll get back to you about the accomodation…im house sitting at the moment so don’t have my papers on me.[br][br]My email is if any of you want to contact me :)[br][br][br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


Hey Leon, [br]this is the link to the hotel we booked in berlin -[br]it is close to transport. it worked out cheaper then booking the apartment at wombats…wasnt that keen to share a dorm room when im jet lagged lol :P[br][br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


have u guys already booked that?[br][br]if you havnt, id be happy to help you find something better (theyre really far out of the center of berlin, pretty expensive, and in a boring area too…)[br][br]you can find something a lot cheaper and in a much better location…


thanks for the offer, i’ve already booked…but i found them really cheap - but i also no the travel agent, so thats probably why hehe[br][br]Red Star Special: June 14th, 2009 and Espresso Italia: September 13th, 2009


Hey Colette[br][br]I havn’t booked anything yet. So if you know of something good and cheap that would be great. I checked out Wombats and they are 21 euro a night. [br][br]By the look of this forum it looks like there is only going to be 3 of us on this trip lol.[br][br]Leon[br]Northern Exposure 14 June 09


The hostel I work at ‘U inn Berlin’ is really nice. It?s not a party hostel but it?s really clean and cosy. So if you want a good nights sleep stay there (and I can get you discount!). I will probably stay there on the Sat night.[br][br]These hostels are good too: circus, eastseven, singer109 and Pfefferbett.[br][br]The coolest areas of Berlin to stay in are Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg, and Kreuzberg.[br][br][br]


Hi everyone,[br][br]I’m going on the Red Star Special on 14 June as well. I’ll be going alone so am looking forward to meeting some other solo travellers![br][br]Can’t wait…not long now.[br][br]I’m a Sydney girl heading off in 2 weeks.[br][br]If you’d like to chat before the trip I’m on[br][br]Cheers:)[br][br]


Hi Lisa[br][br]Welcome aboard. It should be a primo trip. [br]Are you doing a bit of travelling on your own before the trip starts?[br][br]Leon[br]Northern Exposure 14 June 09


Hey Lisa, do you use that email for msn chatting? I can?t seem to add you…[br][br]39 days left!!! [br][br]Colette


Hi Collette & Leon,[br][br]You should be able to add me to MSN messenger now. I’ll try and add you as well - I’m a bit new to the whole chatting thing.[br][br]I’m not sure what I’m doing before the trip yet but thinking of doing a bit more of Germany & Austria. I guess I better get on to it as its only a month away. This trip is all a bit last minute for me but now that it’s so close I can’t wait![br][br]Where are all our other fellow travellers??? I booked about 2 weeks ago and apparently there was only 6 seats left so looks like it will be a full bus![br][br]Hopefully I’ll chat to you both soon ;D[br][br]Lisa[br][br]


Hey Lisa, [br][br]I?ve only been to Vienna in Austria but it was SOO beautiful (but expensive :S) I have heard Salzburg is nice too.[br][br]If you have time try and make it to Munich (especially if you like beer and sausage, haha). Hamburg is nice too.[br][br]If you (or anyone else) needs a bed in Berlin the night before the tour starts let me know and I can organise it through my hostel :slight_smile: [br][br]I went on an organised tour last year with Contiki and there wasn?t much action on the forum either…!![br][br]Colette


Hi Lisa[br][br]I’ll second Collete on Vienna and Munich they are both great. If you go to Vienna make sure you check out the Catacombs under the cathedral (I can’t remenber its name but you can’t miss it it kinda sticks out lol). Definately sample the beer and pretzels in Munich as well. [br]I’m going to be in Paris and Switzerland (Bern & Zurich) from the 5th - 13th. [br][br]33 days to go![br][br]Leon[br]Northern Exposure 14 June 09


Hey Lisa, [br][br]do you have your accommodation sorted for Berlin?[br][br]I was thinking, if you guys are interested we could meet for dinner and drinks on the Sat night…[br][br]If you guys wanna come to Friedrichshain (the area where Leon and I are staying in my hostel) I could take you to one of my fav restaurants and some cool bars :-)[br][br]my german mobile is +49173 755 6439[br][br]Colette