Northern Exposure - June 10, 2012


Hi guys,

Is anyone booked in for the Northern Exposure trip starting on June 10, 2012?
I’ve never been to Scandinavia. Cant wait!

Maggie - Sydney, Australia


im booked for July 15 i’ve never been either and am looking forward to the trip. I would love to hear your feedback once you’ve been.


hey Maggie, Im on the same tour as you. I’ve never been to Scandinavia either and can’t wait! This is my first tour with Topdeck, have you travelled with them before?



Yo! I’m also booked in for this exact tour! I’m a Scandinavia virgin too! See you there. So excited.


I’m going to be there too! I feel like the way we found each amongst the vast plane of cyber space is a sign. I think we were made to be friends.

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “Yes”. I will join you on this journey of a life time!


Wow, FreeSpiritPat, you sound like just the eccentric character were going to need on this adventure of a lifetime!

This is my first Topdeck tour Danielle. Im going with a few acquaintances that I dont really know that well, so it will nice to make some new friends!

I call bottom bunk!


Hi everyone,

I’m doing the Scenic Scandi tour so will be joining your trip on day 8, when you get to Oslo. Would have loved to have done the longer tour but can’t have the time off work.

I’ll be travelling alone and this will be my 3rd topdeck trip. Anyone else going solo?

Looking forward to meeting everyone!



Hi everyone,

I have booked the Scenic Scandi trip for the 12th of June to 26th of June.
Just wondering who else is going on this trip.
Also I am looking at going to hike Trolltunga on 11th and wanted to know if anyone is interested in joining me or meeting there and doing it together. I am a solo traveler and looking for a travel buddy for those days before the tour begins. I am thinking of flying to Norway, Bergen or Oslo on the 10th, doing the hike on the 11th and making it back to Oslo on the 12th ready to begin the tour!
Anyone up for an adventure!?

Sarah - South Australia