Northern Exposure - July 5th


Hey there,[br][br]I’m doing the Northern Exposure tour and I’m curious if any others here are on this tour as well.I’m getting more and more excited from day to day :)[br][br]Christine


HI,[br]I’m doing the red star special, which is the same start and then continues through russia, so will be on the same trip.[br]See you then,[br]Stu


That’s great to know someone who will be there as well :)[br]Are you travelling by yourself?[br][br]


Yes, I’m travelling alone. At the moment I’m doing Topdecks Maga European Trip and am in Bulgaria. It’s great fun and they are a greatcompany to be travelling with.[br]Are you travelling by your self


I’m also travelling alone…I have never done a Topdeck tour before but all people here seem to be impressed by it