Northern Exposure July 2008, Anyone else?


Hi Everyone[br][br]I have booked myself on the Northern Exposure tour starting July 27th 2008. I would love to hear from anyone else who is going or anyone who has previously been. I have toured with contiki but this will be my first topdeck tour, any idea’s what to expect?[br][br]Cheers[br][br]Alanna;)


Just a heads up, you should also look for people on the Red Star Special tour that are also departing on the same day as you are.[br][br]For the most part, you will be sleeping in cabins. As I recall, it cost 500 Norweigan kroners to do Hammerfest icefishing, 90 kroners to visit the Svartisen glacier and 2000(?) kroners to visit Nordkapp. I definitely preferred Norway to the other Scandinavian countries. It can be be quite chilly one day and warm on another day.[br][br]Here are some pictures from that part of the tour:[br]


Thanks for the pic’s! I was originally going to do the Red Star Special, though unfortunatley work wouldn’t allow me enough time off [v]. I dont see anyone yet who is leaving around my date but then again it is a bit early. [br][br]Off that subject, how did you rate the campsites? are they just the cabins and other basics or are they like small villages with corner store’s and Pub’s like they have in western europe?[br][br]Thanks[br]Alanna[br]


Berlin was a hostel, and Talinn was in a hotel. The campsites in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo are a bit far from the city centre.[br][br]You do not want to go to a pub/bar in Norway because alcohol is expensive (I think it will be around $15-$18 Australian per bottle of beer). Because alcohol is so expensive, the people on my tour found out the hard way one night that bars had OLD people, the only ones who could actually afford alcohol in the first place. It is cheaper in the other Scandinavian countries, but still a bit of an expense.[br][br]You are usually in cabins-some are in the middle of nowhere, but remember you are going very far north, and the number of places to stay get a bit limited…[br][br]Every year Topdeck may change accomodations-when I went last year, the worst ones were in Stockholm and Hammerfest. But this had more to do with the particular cabin I was in, rather than the campsite itself.