Northern Exposure Jul 22nd


Anyone signed up for this?
It seems that the Midnight Sun optional tour is not offered on the Jul 22nd departure anymore. The last trip to go up happens on the Jul 15th departure. I guess coz by the time we get to Oldersfjord the sun starts to actually set and the local company that does the tour and drives up (2hr drive one direction) doesn’t offer the trip anymore after Jul.

Thing is the sun sets only for 1 hr. Which is still pretty cool to see and the spot is really neat and it’s the most northern edge of Europe!!!
Wondering if anyone else is up for finding a way to still get up to Nordcapp? It would be a pity to go to Norway and miss going all the way to Nordcapp. I hope the tour manager is able to give us an alternative and guide us to another company that might drive people up.


My husband and I were originally booked for 15th July departure only to be told on Friday that it was cancelled so we had no option but to take the 22nd July departure as it was the only one that had avalibility. However I am disappointed as this trip does not offer the midnight sun. Travelling from New Zealand this was one of the main reasons why we picked 15th July - Im hoping that since it is not bein offered on this trip it’s made up some how. Due to the our original trip being cancelled we do not have an updated itinerary, which I am taking from you Nordkapp is being missed - this suck!! This is our first time with TopDeck so I truly hope things improve!!


I’ve done the UK trip with Topdeck last year and stuff was changing there as well, but it still was an amazing and packed trip. As long as you’re open and not upset easily if things don’t go perfectly it’ll be fun.

Thing is they don’t have anything scheduled for the day that we were supposed to be going to Nordkapp. The way it stands now there is a huge chunk of time till the next day late breakfast. The trip to Nordkapp wasn’t included anyways, it was an optional, so as I see it I am sure there willl be other companies that might do random trips up. They might not be called “Midnight Sun” tours, but something else. Oh well, we’ll see there. Or we can just rent a car and drive up ourselves :smiley: It’ll be an adventure either way.

When the updated itinerary comes, hopefully there will be more info about it.

Excited to meet you guys! If you don’t mind me asking where in New Zealand are you from?


Well we are from Mount Maunganui but my husband in Australian.

I spoke someone at Topdeck named Simon who simply said there is more to Nordkapp than the Midnight Sun - he said that we will look at animals such as moose and reindeer.

The optionals have been added to the tour so we now get to see what there is to offer and Nordkapp was an option.


Awesome! I guess we’re going after all. It will be a great trip for sure.

Simon?! I talked to him when he was at the UK office last year. I guess he went back to Australia or something. Great fellow. My recent Topdeck contact this year wasn’t too helpful. She just kept Googling up the same stuff I already knew.

Are you guys landing on the 22nd or getting there a bit earlier? I’m getting to the Wombat Hostel on the 21st and touring Berlin a bit on my own. I’m so happy they picked a hostel in the middle of the city. Everything is walking distance. Don’t have to worry about transportation at all.


Simon was from the Live Chat optio here on the website. But I also spoke to a girl in the Australian office and it seemed she didn’t really know much, as she said if your trip is not a ‘midnight sun’ trip then it wouldn’t be offered. Conflicting answers!!

Ahhh we are leaving New Zealand 12 July and heading to Munich and going to see all the castles etc and we have hired a car to drive up to Berlin over 6-8 days. So if i remember correctly we will be getting into Berlin sometime in the morning of the 22nd.

The hostel looks nice and tidy so that is great!!!

What are you doing once the tour ends??


One our last day in Estonia I’m flying to Iceland on the way home to Canada. Staying there overnight and just checking out Reykjavik for a bit. Leaving for home the next day. You guys?


Oh I am so jealous I would love to go to Iceland. We are taking the ferry back to Helsinki in the afternoon of our last day in Estonia. And we will be spending a further two weeks travelling around Finland before we fly back home.

What part of Canada are you from?? Are you travelling by yourself or will you be with someone??


I’m from Hamilton. Yeah solo traveler. I’m sure you’ll have loads of fun getting to know Finland a bit better.


Well Finland has always been an interest of mine mainly because of music, so I can not wait to check out more of the country.

I can not wait for this trip!!

What made you decide to do this tour??


I can tell you more when we meet, but for now I’ll leave you with “fjords” :wink:


Not to much longer to go now!!!


Not to much longer to go now!!!


Wow 2 more months. This is going by fast.


Not that I am counting down or nothing but 49 days to until we depart New Zealand!!!


heartagram666 what is your actual name so I recognize you when we meet?


My real name is Rita.


Looking forward to meeting you in person Rita. ;D


4 more weeks! wow. it feels like time just sped up all of a sudden.


Oh tell me about it!! It’s very overwhelming to think I leave in two week to start this adventure!!