Northern Exposure Aug 19th 2018 (Red Star Special incl)


Hope your Christmas was great @emily_14 and @dwoods84 :smiley:
I’m super excited for this. it has been someting ive wanted to do for such a long time and ive finally got it planned!
What trip are you doing after @emily_14?


I’m going to Egypt and doing two tours the Dahab Dreams and Egypt Express. A couple of people I did a trip with last year did Egypt and they all loved it so I decided to book it.
I’m doing the Britain and Ireland trip before this one too.
Are you doing any other tours ? @Emma_Murphy


HI Guys - i’ve booked this one too! Solo traveler from Adelaide. :slight_smile:


Hi Cass, cool! Are you doing the Russia part too?


Hi Damien, Naa I’m doing Britain and Ireland before this tour so have to head out when we hit Tallin. Should be great tho! On the countdown already. :grinning:


Ah sweet, me too. Only have enough leave for 1 trip :slight_smile:


Yeh I’ve gotta save leave as I head to the states and Iceland later in the year. :crossed_fingers:t2::raised_hands:t3:


What? The States and Iceland?! I’m currently looking at an Icelandic trip myself. I’d love to see South America.

Whereabouts in the States are you going? Are you doing TopDeck tours?


Yeh I’m doing an Iceland trip with flashpack. Flying in and out of NY coz the flights are so cheap.

Doing the south of the US, Alabama, Memphis, Tennessee New Orleans, Carolina. Not topdeck just doing this one ourselves.

Can’t wait for Iceland, gonna be epic!


Cool! Sounds like some great adventures ahead!

This will be my 3rd Topdeck tour, have been fairly happy with them. I’m looking at couple of different companies for other trips in the future.


Yeh i’ve booked 2 with them this year and am looking at a third - got the bug!


@emily_14 Not at this stage, no. Although I’m wanting to book a few days of Oktoberfest once we get back to Germany just to experience it all. I have a couple of friends in Denmark that want to tag along to that :slight_smile:


I just booked northern exposure, starting 26th August2018 from Berlin. I am from Brisbane, Queensland. Is anyone doing the same trip too?



Hi Suvi, I am too. Also from Brisbane. Is this your first TopDeck / o’seas trip?



sorry for the late reply, yes, its my first top deck trip. I have been to to NZ before with friends and again by myself. But this trip is pretty big and I m so excited, little bit nervous too. What date are leaving Brisbane? I am trying to figure out which flights to take so that I get to Berlin on time.



Hi, no worries. I fly out on the 17th arriving the day before the tour starts. Staying at Wombats, which is the meeting point. I’ve been to Berlin before on a previous Topdeck tour, so will wander around town in search of new places to photograph and eat.



cool, sounds awesome. I couldn’t get time off before the 24th, so I am flying on the 24th,arriving on the 25th, will be staying at Wombats too. Its gonna be awesome.



Just got back from my first topdeck this year to NZ - was flipping amazing! Bring on August!!!




Hi peeps. I just got the last seat on this tour. I was just wondering if anyone is going to Oktoberfest after our tour. I’m traveling alone and wanted to go but didnt want to go by myself.