Northern Exposure Aug 19th 2018 (Red Star Special incl)


Hi! Damien here from Brisbane Q Australia. Anyone else going on this trip?


Hi Damien,
Also from Australia, Melbourne.
I’m doing the Red Star Special starting on the 19th :slight_smile:


Hi Emily, sweet! Is this your first trip o’seas / first Topdeck tour?


I did a Contiki trip last year to Europe but decided to go with Topdeck this time round. I’m also doing the Britain & Ireland tour before this.

How about you, have you done a Topdeck trip or been overseas before?


Ah cool. Yeah done 2 Topdeck Tours before. Grand European and Eastern Escape. Racking up those countries! Topdeck have been good to me, had pretty cool Tour Leaders and Bus Drivers on both.

What countries have you been to?


I spent 2 months away doing their Ultimate European trip. Went to 17 countries started in London and ended in Amsterdam.
Wanted to do Scandinavian & Russia this time round


Wowzers, nice. I’ve already started planning my next trip after this one. I think I have a problem.


What’s your favourite country / city?


Switzerland was definitely my favourite place. What about you?

I’m thinking of doing Japan for my next holiday


Yes! Switzerland is so beautiful. I almost became an illegal resident when I was there. Lost my passport for a few hours. Fortunately (unfortunately) I got it back haha!

I’ve been thinking about Japan, the Middle East, Iceland, Patagonia or more of Eastern Europe.

As a photographer I’m keen to see Iceland during Northern Lights.

Each place has it’s own specific beauty.

What do you do for work / study?


I’m also looking at doing an egypt trip before this one and maybe a morroco after it.
I work 2 jobs both casual as a cashier and work with children


That’s a lot of travelling! Should be some very good experiences.

I work in IT/ Telecommunications


I just think that you’re paying so much for flights over to Europe may as well make the most out of it and stay there a little longer


Yeah I’ve thought about that too. Can never accrue enough annual leave so end up going more frequently.


HI there guys! I’ve also put down a deposit for the trip leaving 19th of August! I’m from regional NSW, near Tamworth.


Hi Emma! Good news :slight_smile: Is this your first trip o’seas / first Topdeck Tour?


Hey Emma, are you doing the whole Red Star Special ?


Hi Guys! Sorry for the delay in response! @dwoods84 I’ve been to NZ a few times and right around Aus but this will be my first big trip overseas and my first topdeck. I’m so excited! @emily_14 I sure am! Even considering adding on some Oktoberfest festivities when we get back to Germany because why not! :blush: hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!


Hi Emma! No worries. Should be a great trip. I’ve been on a couple of trips with them before. Have a great Christmas!


I’ve got about 6 days between the end of this tour and my next. Trying decide where to go. Was thinking going back to Paris.

Have a good Christmas guys. @dwoods84