Northern Exposure/Athens to London May-July!


Was going to do the Mega European May 16th-July 3rd but decided to do the northern exposure club May 16th-june 6th (first 22 days of red star) and then the athens to london camping june 7th-july 3rd (last 27 days of mega european)[br][br]have already done 2 tours that hit mainly western europe so wanted to get the eastern side of the mega european while getting all the northern countries like denmark! plus the first 22 days will be hostel so thats nice.[br][br]anyone going to be apart of the red star departing may 16th? or the mega european departing may 16th?[br][br]will see you there![br][br]Europe Unplugged *July 2008[br]Alps & Matadors (Part of Pioneer) *June 2009[br]Northern Exposure Club (Part of Red Star) May 16th-June 6th 2010[br]Athens to London Camping June 7th-July 3rd 2010


What was the northern exposure tour like?? As I am thinking of doing this tour.