Northern Exposure 24th July 2016


Hi, My name is Chris and I’m just wondering if anyone on the forums here will be going to the Northern Exposure trip on the 24th of July?

Thought it would be a good idea to get chatting with some people who are taking the same trip!

I’m going solo and I’m 25 (26 in mid trip!) I’m from Christchurch, New Zealand and I’ll be flying just over a week before the trip to but into Amsterdam then head over to Berlin.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!



Hey, I’m Kiran and I’m be going on this trip too. I’m so keen to see Scandinavia!


Awesome! I’m really looking forward to seeing Scandinavia also. Where abouts are you from?


I’m from Sydney. It’ll be my birthday too when we get to Finland.


Oh cool. My birthday will be when we’re in Norway ha. Have you been to Europe before?


Yeah cool! I’ve done other parts of Europe in 2014. Of the places we are going on tour I’ve only been to Berlin before. How about you?


Nope this will be my first time. I have only been to Australia twice. So this is a big step up for me lol and I’ll be travelling by myself too.


I’m going by myself too. It’ll be so fun, I can’t wait!


Sup, you guys booked early haha


Sup bro. Lol yeah I did. Was told there was like 4 spaces left when I booked. Where you from?


Nice, jumped on the forum just to see you 2 from 3 months ago so was getting paranoid no one was going haha.

I’m from Auckland, gonna be in Berlin for a couple of days before this starts then heading to London, should be sweet as


Oh wicked. I’m from Christchurch and I’ll be in Berlin for 4 days before the tour but I’ll be in Amsterdam in 2 weeks


Nice one are you just cruising round Amsterdam yourself or is that a tour as well?? I haven’t booked accommodation for Berlin yet should probably get onto that.

Some of the hostels with a rooftop bar look pretty sweet don’t really have any of those in Auckland aye, there’s a cool one in Wellington called Dirty Little Secret though ahah


Yeah pretty much just cruising around Amsterdam but going to a concert in Eindhoven which is main reason why I’m flying to Amsterdam first.

I’m gonna be in Berlin on the 20th.

Oh rooftop bar sounds pretty sweet


So who else is just chilling in Berlin right now? Haha


Yeah I am. Not too far from the meet up