Northern Exposure 17th Jul 2016


Hi, I have just booked to go on this trip! Anyone else booked for this trip?! :smile:


Hi there, I’m currently looking at doing the northern exposure trip but not sure what dates I will be able to get leave from work! I’m thinking the trip commencing July 3rd (which goes for all trips Scandi express and red star special, I think it’d be July 10 for scenic scandi). Who knows, I may be able to get the dates you’ve booked! still making up my mind as well.

Anyone else out there doing this tour on any dates at all???


Also, where are you from? I wonder what the Scandi tours are like re ages, couples vs solo etc.

What made you choose northern exposure by the way? Just timings or what else you’ve got planned around it???



Yeah it is tricky to decide when to go - because I am a teacher I am lucky that I get more choice as to when I can go. :slight_smile:

I am from Essex. I am 24 and I am going solo (ahhhh) lol.

I am half Danish so I have always wanted to explore Scandinavia more and it just sounded excellent. I like that we start in Berlin as I haven’t been their before either.

What about you?


This is my first Topdeck trip as well :flushed: haha have you been on Topdeck trips before?


Hey I’ve booked this tour as well! I’m from from Brisbane, Australia and it’s also my first time on a Topdeck tour. I’m travelling solo so it would be great to get to know everyone a bit before the tour starts :smile:


Hi, wow! Australia! Excellent. What made you pick this tour?! Nice to meet you. :smile:


Nice to meet you too! It seems like I’m pretty much doing it for the same reason as you haha. My dads side of the family is Danish so I’m pretty interested in seeing Scandinavia, from what I’ve heard it’s beautiful! I’m also doing another tour before this one called Spirit of Europe which starts in June


:slight_smile: Oh cool! What a coincidence! My mum side of the family are Danish and my dad lived there for 14years. I also have two sisters who live over there. It is really beautiful, there is lots to see! Ooo that sounds good, where does that go? Have you ever been to Denmark?


How old are you?


Oh wow that’s awesome! I’m guessing you’ll see your sisters over there?
It starts in London and goes down through France and Italy. Then it does a loop of central Europe through Austria, Hungary, Poland etc. Eventually finishing back in London :smile:
I’ll be 22 in a couple of weeks. This will be my first time seeing Denmark so I can’t wait :smile:


Yeah its really cool. :slight_smile: We go quite often to visit my family; depends how much time we get. One of my sisters lives on Bornholm which is a tiny island between Denmark & Sweden. So it might be tricky! Oh cool! You are going to see lots! Are you at university then? Does your family speak Danish? Do you celebrate any Danish traditions? Lots of questions :neutral_face: You are going to really enjoy it! :smiley:


oh so this wont be your first time in Denmark than!? :smile:
haha no I work full time for the local council. My family doesn’t speak Danish, I think my grandfather was really young when his dad brought their family to Australia, I’ve never heard him speak anything other than English. I’m definitely not as Danish as you haha :stuck_out_tongue:
Yea the whole trip should be great. Do you think we will see midnight sun in Norway? My travel agent said Tallinn, in Estonia, is supposed to be great to see too :smile:


haha - no, I know DK well :slight_smile: ahhhh cool - doing what? I’ll have to teach you while we’re away! Yeah, I’m really excited - hmmm, I’m not sure, I hope so! Yeah I’ve heard it’s really beautiful & there is a lot of history - so it should be really interesting :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to going to Finland, never been there before! :smiley: I wonder how many people there will be on our trip?! When are you going to Berlin?


I’m an Environmental Field Officer. Which sounds a lot more important than it is haha. I pretty much work in national parks and state forests planting native trees and removing weeds. Stuff like that :relaxed:
What age do you teach?
Yeah I’d love that, you should definitely teach me a bit! I think I read somewhere that the average number of people on a Topdeck tour is between 20-30? Which I think would be a good number :smile: I don’t arrive in Berlin until around midday on the 16th of July. When do you get to Berlin? :smiley:


Ooo! Sounds interesting, it must be nice to be outside especially in Australia! Not so much in the UK! I teach year 4 so they are 8 & 9, its a nice year group because they are in between, not to needy and not to cool for school. haha :slight_smile:

:smiley: get ready to learn! haha, yeah that shall be a good number I think - ahhh okay, I’m not sure, I’ve never been so I’m not whether to go slightly earlier to go on 17th? :confused: lol



Yep working outside is one of the things I love about my job :relaxed: Oh that’s good, I bet it’s hard when they go into that too cool for school stage hahaha :joy:
Yea I wasn’t sure when to get to Berlin either. The first tour I’m doing stops there for a few days. But if you want to see more of Berlin it couldn’t hurt to get there a couple days before our tour starts :smile:
Are you on Facebook? :grinning:


Yeah, I bet its lovely. :slight_smile: they develop an attitude which is can be tricky to deal with sometimes! Its hard to decide! lol yeah exactly, hmmm I’ll have to have a think about it. :slight_smile: I am, are you? :smiley:


haha okay :grinning:
yea I am
Feel free to add me, it doesn’t seem to be giving me the option to add you as a friend :joy:


I have added you. :slight_smile: weird… :neutral_face: