Northern Explorer July 1st 2016



I have booked this trip Northern Explorer departing Wellington on 1st July 2016 and was wondering if anyone else has booked it aswell?

Jacinta :slight_smile:


Hi @jacinta13

l’ve just booked the same trip!

Shell :slight_smile:


@Shell1 That’s awesome :slight_smile: just wondering, have you pre-booked accommodation for the night before at the travel lodge in Wellington?


@jacinta13 Yes l have pre-booked accommodation at the Travelodge for two days before.


Hi @Shell1 are you here at travel lodge yet? Maybe we can meet up! Unfortunately I’m situated in a single room :frowning:


Hi Jacinta
My name is Bec and im starting the tour tomorrow too! I’m also staying at the Travelodge tonight if you wanted to meet up?


Hey @Bec_Lewin yeah sure we can :slight_smile: do you have Facebook or anything easier to communicate with than this forum?! haha


Hi Jacinta
My name is Bec and I’m staying at the hotel tonight too for the tour tomorrow? If you wanted to meet up I’m free


I do… It’s just my user name :blush:


@jacinta13 hey yes I’m checked in, have you met up with anyone else doing the trip? We can catch up if it’s not too late.