Northern explorer - 7 Day


Departing from Wellington on the 30th December :slight_smile: anyone else doing this tour


Sure am! Canโ€™t wait! :smile::smile: whereabouts are you coming from?


Awesome :slight_smile: coming from nsw in Australia how about you


From Adelaide in Aus too :grinning: Iโ€™m arriving the day before, what about you?!


Arriving the day before as well :slight_smile: at 2:40


Cool, Iโ€™m arriving at 6:15am the day before! :grimacing:
Want to meet up for a drink that night?!


Yeah for sure ! Add me on facebook if you want/have one and I can message you when we get there to organise something :slight_smile:


Hey ladies. Im from NSW australia, looking at doing this tour in July as a solo traveller.
Was it a good trip? Any tips?

Thanks! Jasmine :slight_smile: