North America Tours - Optional Extras


Hi everyone,

Has anyone who has booked on a North America tour been given a list of optional extras? Its hard to budget for spending money when you don’t know what options we have. :slight_smile:

Also, what happens if we’ve booked flights and accommodation and a trip is not a guaranteed departure and its cancelled? Has this happened to any of you before? Most travel insurance companies I’ve seen don’t cover for this eventuality, they’ll only cover you if you cant go due to an emergency or non pre existing illness. I know we’ll be refunded or moved to a different tour by Topdeck, but what happens with flights?

I’m heading off on the California Calling trip on the 16th June, Topdeck has said there needs to be a minimum of 15 people for the tour to run and there are currently 7 people booked on. I’m hoping like hell it runs as I’m really excited and have booked all my accommodation/flights and some optional things in San Fran and LA! I would hate to lose out on the £1500 I’ve already spent.

Kat x


hi kat, Topdeck doesn’t cover about flight as Flight booking is your responsibility. You should contact your travel agent or airline for changing the date. (Just in case if your tour can’t be formed)

California Calling Trip will provide some optional extras. Especially Chopper ride in Grand Canyon (A bit expensive). And bicycle ride in Yosemite NP (less than $20). I highly recommend you to do these! :slight_smile:

For Mine California Calling Trip operated on 30th June. There are already 11 - 12 people booked on. We need a few more than the tour becomes Guaranteed. And Topdeck rarely cancelled the tour due to insufficient people. Maybe we have to wait for a few months later. THen more people are coming! :slight_smile:

I feel excited too for my grand trip!


Hi, all travel insurance companies offer cancellation cover at an extra cost to a normal policy. You can get it for the total cost of your trip including flights, tours, hotels etc or just for a portion of the total cost. It’s worth getting if your tour isn’t guaranteed yet and also just in case something happens that stops you from going altogether. Have a chat to your travel agent about it or check out a few websites if you booked everything yourself. :slight_smile:

Also, I spoke with a Topdeck rep a few months ago about getting a list of extras and I was told because the North America tours are fairly new they are still finalising some of the options. I agree it is harder to budget if you don’t know, but the rep assured me all the info would be in my tour travel docs so I would know before I go.


Hi guys, I just went on the coast to bay tour for 13 days on 1st april 2013. Just a warning, we were the actual 1st group to go around America with Topdeck. We weren’t told of this, neither were we to,d that tour would consist of 9 people rather than the 40 which we booked for. We also weren’t told that we would be traveling in a mini coach ( old cramped 12 sweater bus) until the tour started. We picked up a few passengers during the way and we were 12 at the end of the tour which could barely fit into the mini coach. I v done my tour and we had to do the best with the limited options and average accommodations which topdeck provided us. I would not recommend the tour until topdeck has sorted out its initial problems. You ll be paying to be guinea pigs right now. We had some changes in the included meals once we were on the tour as well. I have complained to topdeck and i still haven’t received an apology as yet.