North America Tours Finally!


This is so awesome guys. Thank you so much for finally coming to North America. I’m so excited to see what you guys offer. I love travelling with Topdeck and I really didn’t want to go with Contiki on these trips.

Welcome to North America!

…Next you need to go to Japan and Korea!!!


next they should go south america…


Yea so excited about this! I have just been on another 2 Topdeck tours & on my feedback forms for both of them I requested that they do America tours… little did I know they had already come out while I was away!


;D Yay


YEAH!!! At last I booked the tour to North America in June Next year

I am going for ‘California Calling’ from LA to San Fran

I deposited $200 to the company account ;D

I am so pumped!


Hello, has anyone been on a contiki of USA?
I’m trying to decide between Contiki and Top Deck for USA 2013?
Any opinions?


My understanding is that contiki only do hotel trips which means that if you want to see national parks, from what I’ve read on the top deck itineraries, Top Deck would be the way to go.


I’m also planning on doing the ‘California Calling’ tour in June '13


Im so shattered that TD have just launched this NOW… :frowning:

I had to book with another tour company because there was practically nothing around…

Oh well, next time for sure! :slight_smile: