No Refunds for ANZAC Tours!



Just thought you all might like to be aware;

I have contacted Top Deck to find out what the story is with the flight cancellations over the UK/Europe at the moment if we can’t make it to Turkey for the Anzac tour we are booked on.

I was surprised to find out that Top Deck will not give cancellations or even credit towards another tour to those people who can’t make it to Turkey for their tour due to the flight bans…!!

Therefore, you may wish to look at alternative transport there… I am trying to at the moment from London but am finding it quite difficult, also it takes about 4 days I think by coach/train so it’s a bit of a problem for the tour starting Wednesday.

Let me know if you have any ideas/words of advice!!



Hey, u should be able to get ur refund from ur travel insurance :slight_smile:


Most travel insurance policies won’t cover ‘acts of God’ as they call it, so it’s doubtful you’ll get anything back from them either! Crappy situation.


Heyo-- Don’t forget to check with your credit card company. If you booked your tour through them, they usually have some option even in the event of an “Act of God”. This happened to us last year for Swine Flu. Don’t panic. :slight_smile:


Hi Guys

Please check out our latest update with regards to the recent European Airport Closures: