"no frame" suitcases


Does anyone know what they mean by no frame suitcases that will damage other suitcases? I thought most suitcases have frames?[br]Also when in Switzerland I know we need jackets, but do we also need winter boots? [br]Any advise would be great. I’m a first timer :)[br]Thanks[br]-Melissa


hey melissa[br]i used to live in switzerland and you won’t need winter boots now. you will need a good pair or water proof shoes if your going up jungfraujoch (optional… but WORTH it… highest point in europe tourists can get too!!) when your in wengen as there is still snow up there in summer.[br][br]and you won’t need a big winter jacket either. just a regular jacket and a pullover with a scarf is fine for this time of year. some days you won’t even need that.[br][br]Ebony + Amanda[br]European Emperor 9 July[br]East Meets West 21 July


I’m pretty sure they’re talking about externally framed backpacks - the kind that have all the metal support on the outside rather than on the inside, and could easily snag other people’s backpacks when all thrown together under the bus. i think with suitcases you have nothing to worry about…