Nile Discovery Tours



I’m going on the Nile Discovery tour starting on the 9th of January 2011, and I was wondering: Is anyone else going on this tour at this time? and to people who have already done this tour, did you take a sleeping bag? Just wanted to confirm as it says in the Nile Discovery trip itinerary that we have to bring a sleeping bag.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, you wont really need a sleeping bag. We had 2 overnight bus trips (not train as on the itinerary). If you have some warm clothes and maybe a blanket with you, you’ll be fine…


Awesome, thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:


Hey I’ll be on that tour as well!
Sounds like fun, also I wasn’t told anything about a sleeping bag! eep!


Yay! that’s awesome that you’re on the same tour, and you’re in Sydney too. When are you flying out?

I just read up on the tour itinerary and saw that sleeping bag thing, but it looks like we don’t really need one…especially because we won’t be going on feluccas.

Hope we can keep in touch so I’ll know someone on the trip :slight_smile:


I’m doing the learn to Dive tour before hand so I’ll be in Cario for NYE I get in on the 28th of December!
And yes from Sydney… I’m doing it alone so it would be great to know at least one person



I am also doing this tour on January 9th

I am from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.

Very excited!

You are both from Australia?


Hi, awesome!

Yea from Australia, and I’m also very excited for the trip. Just want it to be January already!


My friend and I are travelling together. Both female.

We were reading on the internet abt types of clothes to wear - apparently sexual harassment is very prevalent in Egypt.


Well I’m 23 and I’ve got some friends who are from Egypt and they just said loose clothing is best that isn’t provoctive however being in a tour we will be fine.


I’m 25, so is my friend that is travelling with me.

Yes I also heard that loose clothing is best.


Sorry for the late reply…I’m 22 :slight_smile: