Nile Discovery- solo travellers?


Hi =) I’m thinking of doing the Nile Discovery tour starting on December 5. This would be the first trip that I’d be going on alone and I’m a bit nervous. I was just wondering if anyone had been on this tour before? Is it safe for individual travellers? And are there usually lots of other solo travellers in the tour? Also I was thinking of staying in Egypt for a couple days after the tour but is it safe enough to stay there alone? Particularly as I’m not someone who’s done solo travelling before.



Hi Elise,

I’m doing the Nile Discovery trip starting on the 9th of January 2011…and this is my first trip by myself too. I was very nervous about going alone, however I have been assured by my travel agent that it is quite safe and fun for solo female travellers, as long as we stay with the tour group.

As for staying in Egypt after the tour, I’m not too sure how that would be - I have been told that it’s best to have someone with you.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Hi elise,
My name is Peggy im a solo traveler from sydney im going on the spirit of egypt leaving on the 12th dec and before that im on the european winter spirit leaving on the 11th nov.



Hi, you’ll be fine travelling on your own with the group - about half the people on my tour were travelling alone. I didnt spend any time there on my own though, so I can’t answer that question.


Hey guys,

I haven’t been there yet but a friend of mine has been a couple of times and she suggested not going there alone, especially if you plan to leave Cairo. This is just her thoughts though :slight_smile:


Hi all,
If any one is still interested in visiting Egypt,we are her to help ,plan,and organize your trip.u r always welcome .pls dont hesitate to ask any questions,