Nile Discovery Dec 27th


Hey All,[br][br]Is anyone else going on this tour? 10days to go (until I fly out!!!)[br]Super excited![br]


Hey,[br] I’m going on the 10 day Spirit of Egypt tour starting on the 27th of December. What day do you arrive in Egypt & are you staying at the Swiss Nile Inn?[br][br]Brian[br][br][br]Brian Josephson


Hey Brian,[br][br]I arrive in Cairo on the 26th arvo. Thinking of doing some sight-seeing when I get there. [br]27th before the tour starts, I’ll do a day trip to Alexandria. I’m staying at the Swiss Inn.[br][br]Kesh[br][br]


Hi Kesh,[br] I too arrive on the 26th in the afternoon and am staying at the Swiss Nile Inn. I would be very interested in exploring Alexandria if you’d like to meet up that day or the next.[br]Where are you from? Have you heard from anyone else going?[br][br][br]Brian[br][br][br]Brian Josephson


Hi Brian,[br][br]If you are planning to visit Alexandria, I would suggest that you book the day tour before you get there. I have already paid for it (around 100 something quid), but I know if you pay for 2 you get a discount. Check with your travel agent whether you can book the tour with someone already booked for it and get the discount. If so, I can give you my booking details and you can get the discount (maybe).[br]Let me know how you go with the booking.[br]I’m originally from Sri Lanka, but an Australian citizen, currently working in UK. [br]No, I havent heard from anyone else but I can see that some did read the posting (hopefully they are all going on the tour!). I check the forum atleast twice a day thinking that there may be more people replying to posting (it’s kinda sad, I know).[br][br]Kesh


I’ve pretty much been doing the same thing?. When did you book this tour and have you traveled with Topdeck before?[br]I’m from New York and this will be my first Topdeck tour.[br]What does the tour you’re going on to ALexandria see/do and how long is it?[br][br]Brian[br][br]


This is my first tour with Topdeck.[br]I booked the tour abt 2months ago. Alexandria is just a day trip. I get back to the hotel before the pre-tour meeting on the 27th. The link is below:[br]


Thanks for sending me the link. I’m going to try to sign up for it today. Can you sign up for it through Topdeck & does the tour pick you up and drop you back of at the Swiss Nile Inn?[br]Feel free to email me back at[br][br]Brian[br][br]Brian Josephson


I just checked with Topdeck and the tour ends at 8:30pm which would mean missing the tour group meeting at 7pm. Are you going on this tour, the 26th or 27th?