Nile Discovery - August 3 (and general questions)


Hey! My girlfriend and I just booked the 8 day ‘Nile Discovery’ for August 3rd to 10th, and I was wondering if anyone else here is going on that? Neither one of us has been on a trip like this before, and we very much look forward to it![br][br]Being new to the whole traveling thing, any tips you could provide would be much appreciated! (Such as if we need giant hats, if shoes are better than sandals, if as part of this tour we can pay extra to enter the 3rd Pyramid,) etc.[br][br]Also, I am Canadian and my girlfriend is Romanian… we will be landing in Cairo at 3:30 in the morning (blah) do you think we will have time to apply for/get visas upon arrival?[br][br]Thanks in advance![br][br]Mat


We’ve been assured that the Visa process is a rather simple one in Cairo, so I’m not worried about that any more! But still any advice about traveling to Egypt, or stories of past tours there would much appreciated.


Hi Mat,[br][br]Please check with the Egyptian Embassy regarding your visas: you are right, normally you can get visa on arrival, however, this depends on your nationality. I am Hungarian and when I travelled to Egypt, I needed to secure my visa before I got there. In London this used to be a simple procedure - you could get it in person on the day of application at the Egyptian Consulate. If this is the case, make sure they tell you what documents you need to bring before you go there.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Thanks for the tip! I phoned Topdeck and was assured I, as a Canadian, wouldn’t have any problems upon arrival, but I will take your advice and contact a Consulate. :slight_smile:


Hey,[br][br]We’re going to Egypt too and have been told that we can get the visa when we arrive. But you can also download a visa application form off the internet from your local Egyptian consulate and get it organised before you go. All you do is fill out the form and send it off with your passport and payment and the consulate sends your passport back to you with your visa. [br][br]Doing it this way makes it a bit more expensive though. In Australia it costs $40 each to get a pre-approved visa. There is also the possibility of your passport getting lost in the mail. [br][br]But we’re going to get ours organised before we go cus I like to be organised and not have to worry.[br][br]Hope this helps :)[br][br]


Hey, thanks for the reply! Which Egypt tour are you taking?[br][br]One concern with that for me is that I am a Canadian living in Romania, and am not sure if I would be able to use the local Egyptian consulate in Romania, I could look into that though. [br][br]Also, I wouldn’t be willing to send my passport in the mail, it wouldn’t be worth the risk of losing it.[br][br]As it stands, I think we will just risk trying to get the Visa’s upon arrival. When I phoned topdeck they told me I would have no trouble getting it there.