Nile Discovery 7th-14th October 2018


Hey I’m a solo traveller from Australia, wondering if anyone else has booked this trip?


Hey just finished this trip with a group of 10 all solo travellers. Was a great trip you shouldnt have any issues , id say do the pyramids and beachs though. The first part is the egypt express but the last 5 days you go to the red sea, nice relaxing way to finish the trip and get to see one of the 7 natural wonders of the world.


I really wanted to do the Pyramids and Beaches trip but they don’t do it anymore so I’m doing the Dahab Dreams (which is new) and then doing the Nile Discovery straight after


Sounds like the same thing !but seperated into 2. Ubers are really easy and cheap. Like a 15min drive costs 2 aud. But if you get one from the airport there is a meeting point near the terminals, they have police and tourist police everywhere.


I’ll be solo travelling this trip as well, on those dates!! Flying out from Melbs and doing the Jordan and Israel tour straight after.


@Electroflame13 Hey I’m from Melbourne also.
I was supposed to do the Dahab Dreams tour before this one but it was cancelled, but I’m looking into going to Jordan.


I only decided to do Jordan and Israel cos it will be a once in a life time thing for me. So I am doing it all at once. And unfortunately I was looking at doing Dahab Dreams as well. I am still deciding to do it solo through intrepid/urban adventures day trips and booking a hotel/hostel in Dahab.


HI!! Im from Sydney and doing the NIle Discovery, I was supposed to do the Dahab dreams after but it got cancelled as well :frowning:


@nat2901 Did you change to a different tour instead?


Hi All!

I’m also doing this trip and flying solo from melbourne. I am probably going on another tour to turkey straight after… just curious if anyone else is also doing that?