Nile discovery 6th - 13th dec


[br]hi anyone else going on this tour??[br][br]Terry aus


Hey Terry,[br][br]A friend and I are kicking off the Pyramids and Beaches tour on the 5th of Dec. I think most of them have similar starting patterns.[br][br]Krissa


cool was wondering how much spending money to take


My friend and I have budgeted about $2000 each. I would say it depends on if you’re going to do all the optionals and go crazy with lots of souveniers. I think I worked it out at $1500 to do all the optionals, feed myself and go easy on the sourveniers but it depends on the person I guess.[br][br]Might catch you there. We arrive in Cairo on the 4th Dec early in the morning and are going to use the days before the tour sets off for some sightseeing ourselves. When do you get to Cairo?


we arrive on the 6th and are staying at the swiss inn the first night of the tour. getting close now :slight_smile: