Nile and Beyond, May 8th 2011



Just wondering if anyone is booked on the 13 day nile and beyond tour next may. My best friend and I are on it and it would be great to get to know anyone before hand, and see what your plans are for optional activities, the felucca trip etc.




Myself and a friend is going on these trip… Tho no “extra plans” yet, you? :slight_smile:


No, nothing yet either.
We have been advised to upgrade to the cruise though, as more than a few hours on the felucca is enough! But apparently you can only do it once you get there and speak to the tour leader.
We are also wanting to do a hot air balloon trip over valley of the kings in Luxor, but again dont know if we can until we get there!


Well our travel agaent, hasnt told us any of these are an option! Tho i think we are going to rough it on the Felucca! Do you know how much it is to up grade?
Also are you fly in the day of the tour or will you be in egyot before hand?


Sorry for the slow reply. I keep forgetting to come on and check.

We just found out about the upgrades through word of mouth. I think its something we might have to discuss with the tour leader but I have emailed top deck again to ask cause our agent didnt know either. I think we will be happy to rough it (probably appreciate our creature comforts just that little bit more when we get home) but we’ll still ask. I also would like to stay with the group and experience the whole tour rather than split off if no one else decides to upgrade.

I am also asking about the hot air ballooning. A friend of mine did a similar tour with gecko, and they were given the optional extra. She said it is not to be missed at all, and I really want to do it, so hopefully a few others do as well and we can work it into the tour somehow!

We fly in mid afternoon I think, on the day of the tour.

(I will try remember to check the forum more often for replies.)

Ailsa :slight_smile:


Sorry Im in the same boat i totally forge to check for replies!

The hot air balloon will be awesome, I had a friend to topdeck in january and went on the hot air ballon. Although it wasnt the Nile and Beyond tour she was able to do it in Ciro.

Im very much looking forward to the tour! Are you still planning on going after resent problems. We still are. I think lol
Noala :slight_smile: