NI Number for working in the UK


Does anyone know if it is possible to sign up for a National Insurance number when you are currently not living in the UK?

I hold a UK passport but live in New Zealand and was New Zealand born.

I have been trying to look on the internet for info but can not find a thing. I cant even find email addresses to email someone about it. Was hoping I could sign up for one before I go on my trip just in case I wanted to stay.

If anyone has any information that would be great!


Hey there - you need to get this through the UK Jobcentres once you’re here. It’s a pain in the butt to be honest… Or you can get one through Brtibound ( or First Contact ( for a fee which is WAAAAAY easier, and they can open a bank account for you as well!


Hmm I should check it out.

Is it possible to get a NI number and bank account if you are not residing in the UK??


ASB said they could set a bank account up for me, not sure about other banks… but I’ve got BritBound to get my visa, bank account and NI number ready for me. they have made it really easy, everyone Ive talked to said that it’s really difficult to set up a bank account in the UK


Hi there,

Not sure if you’re able to sort this out if you’re not residing in the country - though I don’t suspect you can? I moved over about a year ago though and sorted it all out when I got here. It didn’t take too long and the NI office give you a temporary number before your card arrives so you’re still able to work in the mean time.

Some people I’d spoken to previously had trouble setting up a bank account and NI number when they arrived, so I went through First Contact -highly recommended as the whole process was very clear and simple. I had no troubles at all!

Hope this info helps a bit?! Is there a reason why you’re wanting to set it up before you’re in the country?



hey there

me and my partner came over to england thinking the same thing how to get our national insurance number b4 we got there.but as soon as we got a job we told out emplyer that we didnt have one and she organised all the paper work and we just had to fill it out and send it of,easy as.