Hello all,

I am new to TopDeck, and planning travel in June alone. As exciting as it is, kinda feeling a little apprehensive as I will be travelling with people I have never met before. Would love to hear stories or just ppl to understand the experience


Hey, which tour are you doing? :slight_smile:


Essential Europe tour


I am still confused on which European tour to take… For one, I am new to this, secondly, I am travelling alone, and I am hoping to enjoy the tour and make friends with the people on the tour. Any recommendations, advise?


Hello, how lovely, thanks for that little greeting, I think this site will help me


Hi kai,

i wouldn’t worry. there are soo many people doing trips alone when you read the posts on twitter, here and facebook. i’m undertaking the trip to Canada in sept on my own so i can understand the nervousness especially as this is my first trip outside of Australia as well :slight_smile:

Id recommend maybe checking out the facebook meet page with the different tours, you can find or add your trip date and see people that are traveling your our as well.


Thanks Emma… will do!


Can you describe in Brief about Europe tour?


I am kinda finding out more on this myself… still figuring out, though I think I have decided on the Essential Europe tour… looks hectic, but I am hoping to get acquainted with the rest of the people on the tour and have a blast…


I am planning the trip in June… anyone going for the trip in June?? I would like to book my trip accordingly. Or perhaps recommend a better tour…