Newbie questions


Good morning guys,

Absolute n00b here; after dealing thru relationship issues a while ago and having decided NOT to spend money on a car, I have decided to spend that wasted money on travel (HOORAY for me!).

Anyway, n00b question. I’ve heard from a lot of people that in order for me to get to one of the European tours (namely the European Getaway), I will need to book way ahead of time. Is this correct?

I have to check work availibility/annual leave etc first and need to save some coin!!

My final question is really how structured are these tours (i.e. everyone follows the tour guide down to a tee with little to no room for flexibility?)

Thanks guys.


Hi there,

Thanks for your message. I’m sure many other people will be able to answer your questions also…but thought this little bit of info might help with your travel planning :slight_smile:

Our Europe trips are quick popular, so we suggest booking as early as possible - many of our trips get snapped up pretty quickly (especially the ones during peak season).

In terms of the trip flexibility, yes there is some structure to the tour. We take care of all the boring bits, like transport and accommodation - so this might mean you have to be on the coach at a particular time, but you get to enjoy the fun parts of travelling without the hassle.

We also know that each individual traveller has different interests and ideas on how to spend their own time. We give you as much free time as possible to explore at your own pace!

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Topdeck Team!