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Hi Guys

Am thinking about doing this tour in July/August sometime. I just have a few questions that I hope you pro’s can help me with :slight_smile:

When you look on the check availability screen - does the garanteed depature mean that the trip would definitley go ahead. The others that say available is that depending on numbers?

How much money did you budget for spending/extra activities each day

What is the payment method ie do you pay the whole amount at once or do a deposit.

Also can the trip be booked through a travel agent or do you need to do it through Top Deck

Thats all I can think of at the moment…any more info you can give me would be much appreciated




I can answer a few of your questions

You can book through a travel agent, Flight Centre is the best if ur in NZ, or STA travel. I went through Flight Centre and they have been super helpful. You have to pay a $200 deposit, but if u pay by 15 December you get a 7.5% discount, or 6 months before you go and you get a 5% discount. I’m not sure what the latest date you can pay by is

I spoke to a topdeck rep at the travel show and he said that yes, guaranteed departure dates definitely go ahead, however almost all of the others do too, (i think he said about 90% of all scheduled Europe trips departed last summer)

I’m going on the 36 day European Pioneer next June, Im budgeting for about $100 NZ per day, i figure as it is a long trip I wont need as much per day as my spending on souvenirs will be spread out.

Let me know if I can help with anything else :slight_smile:


hey there,

i reccommend a travel agent, as they can be gleened of aditional info as well, that people dont think of all the time,

as for budgeting, it depends on you, im personally taking a variable amount (on days that have breakfast and dinner im using 70euros and days where its just breakfast supplied im taking 100 euro,

as for optionals i just added up what i wanted to do and am taking that as extra money,

hope some of this helps.




Ive just got back recently from the European Pioneer tour (36days), and maybe able to help.

I booked through a travel agent and shopped around, first speaking to the top deck representative at the flight centre travel show, and got some info from them, they are always helpful. I also spoke with STA travel, who matched the same deal that flight centre were offering, and ended up booking through a friend who does corporate travel, who also matched the deal. I think that they basically all offer the same deal, and if they know someones doing it cheaper, they will match the deal. Payment methods that i was told by all the agents were a $200 dep, then pay the balance, by a particular date closer to the departure date of the tour. To get the discount that i got, i had to pay the balance 6 months before departure.

As Morgan said Guarantee departure, diffidently means they will leave, no matter how many people they have booked on the tour.

Regarding the money thing, obviously everyone is so different. For me i allowed 100Euro per day, and there was no way i spent that much, but i did not buy alot of souvenirs. The biggest spend was on food, but i ate very well, and in good, cafes and restaurants, you can go to stalls, markets etc… where it will be alot cheaper. I think in the end i probably spent around 2000Euro, including the optional’s that top deck offered ( I did most of the optionals that the tour offered, but the most expensive is skydiving in Switzerland, that i did not do), and entrance fees, and public transport etc… that were not included.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions…

Enjoy your trips, its well worth it!!! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information

Is there a list somewhere of the optional extras you can do for this tour???


There is usually a list that will be attached, as a PDF file on the tour info, but closer to the time of your departure… About 6-7 weeks out. Ill try and find some info that i had, and post it.


Hi there!

To answer you question, the guaranteed departure means the trip will definitely go ahead, if it is available it means that it is not yet guaranteed. This status will change once we have the sufficient numbers and can guarantee the trip will go ahead.

We usually advise that people budget around €50/€60 per day which should cover any additional food/drink, optional activities and souvenirs.

In terms of payment we request a small deposit and then full payment is required 6 weeks before the trip’s departure.

Let us know if you have any other queries!


Topdeck Team


Thanks topdeck team - very nice of you to clarify

Cheers! :slight_smile:


what sort of foot ware did guys take ? thinking of jandles, casaul shoe sandle things do you need good shoes for the pubs??


If you are going in the summer, you will diffidently need a pair of jandles… also a good pair of walking shoes, and a tidy pair of going out shoes if your planning on going out on the town etc…



Hi! IÂ’ve just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.