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What would you pack for a trip around Europe? I want to do go all over Europe but am completely unsure of what to pack in clothing and basics. Where does your bags get stored? Will we be carring them everywhere with us or will they be in a bus? :sweat_smile: I am completely clueless:persevere::fearful:


Having done one before your bag will be left on the bus on days when you’re driving to a new place to camp but on days when you’re camping in that place for another night it will be left in the tent. You’re never carrying your suitcase/luggage bag but you will probably have a day bag on you all the time. There is usually someone on site like your chef or driver but that’s not all of the time, so take valuables in your day bag and look after it. Plus a combination lock for your tent is a good idea- just a deterrent. I only did 10 days but I’d suggest (depending on time of year) lots of tops and shorts that you can swap and alternate and a couple of pairs of comfy shoes like trainers or sandals if you’re ok walking in them. Take layers so on cold nights/days you’re good but you don’t have 99 different outfits. Don’t be nervous it was the best decision I ever made going on a Topdeck trip I had such an awesome time and met friends I still know almost a year on. Plus I’m looking at booking my next trip so if that’s not recommendation enough I don’t know what is. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time


Oh plus a couple of outfits for the evening, depending on if you are into having an evening drink the general outfit was a nice top and skirt/shorts and flats


Travel Fashion Girl is an awesome blog that gives you packing lists and strategies to minimise your luggage. I have used her tips and has travelled carry on size for my last two trips (one was 5 weeks in europe, with weather ranging from Scotland sleet and rain (7 degrees) and heat-wave Italy (42 degrees)).

With fail, you will be on the 4th floor with 1 lift at some point in europe. Its great when 40 people are waiting for the lift, and you can pick up your bag and climb the stairs.


Thankyou so much for your help. I will look into a combination lock because I really dont trust people with my things (people too often steal stuff). I will most definately take your advice. xx


OOOHHHH thankyou!!! That is awesome help xx