New Zealand Northern Explorer 28 Feb Auckland


Looking for anyone doing this same tour? I’m seizing the day and going it alone so would love to know a name or two before I show up…


Hi Tracey.
I’ve booked the Grand Kiwi Tour ex. Auckland starting on Feb 28th. So, l’ll be on the same tour, just that I will continue with the Southern Island, afterwards. Nice to know someone else on this tour! Where are you from?
Greetings from Switzerland!


Switzerland! Thats a long way too go no wonder your doing both islands! Im just flying from Australia for a last minute holiday I only booked last week. Im excited so many activities. Are you doing the rock the boat tour on the first night?


Cool, you are from Australia! From where exactly? … Yes, it’s a long way for me to New Zealand. That’s why I decided to visit also Australia, before the tour starts. Maybe we can already catch-up in Australia? But I will just visit Sydney, Airlie Beach and Cairns. And in Airlie Beach and Cairns, I will go on 3 day boat cruises. So, most probably I leave out the Rock the Boat tour. I rather go to view dolphins or visit cape Reinga. How about you? … By the way, do you just arrive in Auckland at the day, the tour starts?


Okay I’m actually from Sydney!! So hit me up for any tips! What dates are you here? Airlie Beach and Cairns are also great places too visit I think you’ve chosen good.

I’m excited for rock the boat I read in someones comments about night kayaking which sounds nice and hopefully not too cold!

Im getting too auckland the day before the tour and staying in a backpackers near the meetup. I have plans too go up their Sky Tower which also seems close by but don’t have much time too explore Auckland. You?


I stay in Sydney from Feb 10 (arriving in the morning) till Feb 15 (leaving in the morning). … Wanted to go to Fraser Island, too. But was too much, so I leave that out.

Will arrive in Auckland 2 days before. Have not yet booked accommodation and didn’t have a lot of time to plan what to do. But Sky Tower is definitely an option. So is Bungee Jumping from the bridge :smile:.

PS: Let’s keep in contact by E-Mail. It’s easier than chatting here. My E-Mail address is … Or do you have WhatsApp or Line?


Sent you an email :smiley: