New Zealand 2019/2020


Hey Guys!

My names Whitney i am 26 and i am wanting to travel to NZ mid-late this year or early next year!

I will be travelling solo from Australia, so wanted to see who else is traveling to NZ at this time and am open to advise on going solo or what trips to book!

I look forward to hearing from anyone :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!


Hey @Whitney93
Going solo is the best!! you wont regret it.
the tour I did last year in USA was 90% solo travellers.
You’ll make some awesome friends

as to what trips to do, how much time do you have??
if you get a trip that does both north and south islands it will give you a great mixture of what NZ is all about :smiley:
If you can budget for all the optional extras then do so, that way you know you have the cash to do it.
Your tour guide will ask you on the bus a couple of days prior if you want to sign up to the activity. They will give you more info too if you need it.
There is usually no pressure to do these, but they are always great fun!
Your guide may also offer other optionals that arent listed in the brochure. (we happened to have a baseball game on in Cleveland when we were there, our tour guide got all our tickets - and group disc. too :slight_smile:)

the times you mention visiting are great as well…usually from october we start getting decent weather. the warmest being Jan/Feb (certainly not as warm as Aussie though hehe)

hope that helps…yell out if you have other questions, i’ll try to help you out :slight_smile:


Hey @leah_mh!
Thanks so much for responding!
In regards to time I’m looking at 3 weeks, I figured I may as well go all in and do both islands at the same time while I’m there :slight_smile: there’s one starting the 14th of jan which I might look into booking if that’s a good time of year! It’s such a scary thing going on your own though I’m struggling just making that move to finally booking I’ve been wanting to do it for years! :joy: what type of age group did you have on your tour? I will be 26 and am also worried that I will be like the oldest one in the group especially being on my own, that worries me slightly :joy: Im thinking I will go to America and Canada after as well, for my first one solo I’m trying to stay close to home haha


Hey @Whitney93

January is perfect time and 3 weeks is a great amount of time for NZ, you will probably see more of it than i have :slight_smile: hehe and I live here.
…you should look into staying a day or two extra at the start and end of your tour too.

Our tour had a mixture of ages, 18 up to 39.
The oldest guy (39) was having the time of his life!!
we only had a couple of people under 21 but the drinking age in the states is 21 so thats probably why. a lot were around 24 - 30 age group.
I was 35 years old on my trip, so you will honestly be fine.

USA is amazing, I cant wait to go back

Is there any travel expo’s in your area coming up?? Top deck may have a stand on display?
you can go ask them questions or they have an online chat on their website too

Honestly don’t be scared about booking it, it will be one of the best things you do! I promise!