New Zealand.........15 Day Grand Kiwi Reverse



Anyone else booked to go on this tour starting 20th March??


Yes I am! The reverse which was supposed to start in Christchurch but now in Queenstown?


Yey finally found someone! Yes now starting in Queenstown, i’m arriving there the day before. Do you have facebook? x


Yes i do I’m happy I’ve found someone aswell!! My name’s Kate Holman I’m from a town near Brighton so my facebook might say Uckfield, what’s your name? xx


My names Sophie Millington, i’m 18, on a gap year, from a town near Stockport but think i come up on FB as Manchester. I’ve added you anyway, i think, as long as i’ve got the right person! x


My names Elle im also on the grand kiwi starting 19th March, do either of you know which hotel we now have to meet at and the times etc? im so confused! x


Hey elle! :smiley: think we’re meeting at Lake View Holiday Park now at 7:30am. Me and Kate arrive in Queenstown round lunchtime on the 19th and are staying in Nomads that night. When you arriving? Do you have facebook?? x


ok phew thank you! yeh i arrive on the 19th and are staying in a hostel about 10 minutes walk from lake view, cant remember the name though! yeh i have facebook, my names Elle Tavare and im pretty sure im the only one on facebook so shouldnt be too hard to find me :slight_smile: are you traveling alone or with friends? x


Hi my name’s Mel & I’m goin on the 19 Grand Kiwi tour starting in Auckland 2nd April 2011. Any1 else goin? I’m travelling by myself & am a bit nervous!


Hey Mel,
I’m doing the great southern islander april 9 and travelling alone. Maybe out tours coincide? I looked at the itineries and it looks like we have the same plans on the south island and the dates fit in. So maybe I’ll get to meet you :slight_smile: I’m a little terrified knowing no-one!


Hey Jem that’s great I’ll look out for you then on the South Island : )


Hey has any1 else upgraded 2 the rock the boat option? I’m doing the grand kiwi starting April 2nd. I didn’t realise the upgrade was separate 2 our tour & that I’d b with a different group of people! Am hoping there’s some people from our tour who are also going?