New York, New Year Tour 2015/2016


Hi guys!

Is anyone else doing New York, New Year this year? I am SO excited for this trip and this tour might be short but it is going to be epic!

I’ll be travelling solo so I’m keen to hear from any others doing the tour :slight_smile:

If anyone has done it before, I would love to hear some feedback!


Hi @olivia3112, I am doing this tour 2016/2017, so I would love to hear some of your feedback when you get back. I’m ashamed to say, I’m so excited about this trip and the road trip from LA that I’m doing before it, that I already have a countdown set up…
Can’t wait to hear what you think :smile:



I’ll be doing this tour for New York New Years eve!!! Something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m also travelling solo!

I’ll actually be in New York from the 23rd DEC to the 5th January. If anyone is going to be around during that time it would be great to catch up some time!

I’m also doing the ‘Road to Lake Tahoe finish SF’ 6th Dec - 18th Dec and have 5 days in SF before heading to NY.




My friend and I are doing NY New Years this year! We will be in NY from the 29th of December until the 6th of January. I can’t believe how soon it is now!



Ooh goody, some fellow travellers! I’m also doing this trip solo and will have some time in NYC before and after it - then off to do my own thing afterwards. So excited!!!


@jojo237 - you doing the New Years in nyc this year??? Me too! What are you doing in LA prior? I’m doing the Coast to Coast! :smile:


So am I!!! LA to NYC!!! So excited!!! Before the Coast to Coast, I’m planning on spending some time in Anaheim (I’m such a kid at heart lol) and having a look around LA. What about you?


I’m doing the Coast to Coast and then onto the New York News Years solo, super excited, wallet not so much!


Lucy! Me toooooo!

How exciting!!! Have you booked it? If not let me know. I’m a travel agent and can help you out $$$


What’s your email or something ?? :slight_smile:


woot me too!

CANT WAIT!!! :slight_smile:


Sophia 10 months is really too far away!!


i know!!!


Sarah, Jo, Lucy - we should make a Facebook group or page or something!


Yes!!! Let’s do that.


Hey everyone!

My friend and I are tossing up between doing this tour and the Contiki one for New Year’s. The Contiki website had lots of reviews on the tour, a bit annoying that Topdeck doesn’t have any, so if anyone has any reviews or feedback on the tour, I’d love to hear them!


hi Pauline,

I’ve done top deck tours before and they are pretty good, I’ve found contiki’s are for more party people, so i chose top deck cause I’m there to see everything! But I’m looking forward to this NEW YEARS TOUR!!!


Agreed!!! a facebook group would be awesome!


Oops I may have written in the incorrect forum but I also am booked for New Years 2016/2017 following my School of Rock Tour! I am so excited, what a dream to bring in the New Year in New York!


Ally, want to join our FB group?