New Years in Amsterdam

Hi all, anyone thinking of doing New Year’s in Amsterdam?? David.

Yep me and two of my mates have booked this trip!! We all have been to Amsterdam already on our last trip and it was so great that we have to go back for new years! ;D

Hi Alison,

Awesome, I went last year and thought it would be amazing for new years. Do you kno if any others are joining?? Haven’t booked yet, thought I would see who else is up for it as I will be going solo :slight_smile:

Looking in to booking this… Will be going solo also.
Never been to Amsterdamn. Do you think this is the best place to go out of all the tours available through Topdeck over New Year? Thanks. Rhi. xx

Realise this is last years post… Just wanted some advice!! Thanks! xx

What’s the event this month there? Would love to visit that place.

The biggest party in Amsterdam is easy to find, it’s in the streets! And we will be there with the locals to see in the New Year, Dutch-style.

I live in the Netherlands and once in a couple of years I go to the capital Amsterdam for a good new years party! Plenty of stuff to do, but keep in mind that for many clubs/parties you need to buy tickets up front.

I visited Amsterdam once before in 2010, but it was in summer. Spending New Year there seems to be a good idea. Maybe next time I will try :slight_smile: