New Year's Eve Trip- Berlin, Prague or Lisbon



I’m thinking of doing one of the New Year’s Eve trips and am between Berlin, Prague or Lisbon. Is anyone doing one of those? Has anyone done one in the past and can recommend which one I should do?

Thanks! :slight_smile:



I am doing Berlin! Never done any of them but super excited for this!



I am torn between either the Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin or Lisbon trip. I have also seen they have trips in Madrid too!

Basically I am struggling which one to choose. Ha.

I have emailed someone at Topdeck and they have advised me that the trips are only guaranteed if they get enough people on-board. So, this has left me undecided because I might choose one and it may not even go-ahead.

@lucyfb Did they confirm to you when you booked the Berlin trip how many people had booked on?

I would be traveling solo as well, so I am excited/nervous.


Hi @Allypop!

I asked when I booked about a month ago on the Berlin one and they said they usually get around 50 people but they will let you know 6-8 weeks beforehand if the tour isn’t going ahead so it wouldn’t be last minute when you found out! :smile: Also I did a Greece tour earlier this year with Topdeck on my own and it was awesome so go for it :smile:


Oh, that’s awesome! I have booked on for the Berlin trip :smile: I am excited! I don’t think they have confirmed if its going ahead yet but I hope it does!


Hey! My name’s Alicia, and I just reserved a spot for the NYE Berlin trip. I’m 25 and will be traveling alone. Hope you guys will be joining me! I’ve been to Germany before but not to Berlin, and this will be my second time traveling solo.


Hey! My name’s Jen, Im 29 and from America (Chicago). I haven’t reserved my spot yet but am looking into a few different NYE trips. Prague looks amazing… Budapest would be great too! Ive been to Lisbon and I can tell you its an amazing city if you choose to go… Berlin would probably be awesome too. Have any of you done a solo top deck before??


Hey Jena! I’m 29 also from America (Boston!) My travel plans have changed a bit so I’m not sure I’ll be able to do a Topdeck tour but if I do I’ll probably do the Berlin one! I did a solo Topdeck tour over the summer and it was so awesome! It went to Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Hungary!


I originally booked onto the Madrid but that got cancelled so I’m now on the Berlin one. I’m 27 travelling solo from Manchester England. Super excited.