New Years Eve in Sydney - Pure Adrenalin / Island Suntanner


Hey all!,

I’m booked on the Pure Adrenalin (ex. Christchurch) December 20th, 2016 through December 29th, 2016 and the Island Suntanner (ex. Sydney) January 2nd, 2017 through January 15th, 2017!

All of the hostels had a 14 day minimum stay requirement over New Years Eve, therefore, I booked a hotel for the night of the 30th, 31st and 1st near Central Train station.

Anyone on either of those trips? - going to be in Syndey over New Years Eve?

Also, looking for New Years Eve Suggestions!


Send me an email or look me up on facebook and will send you the name of the hotel.


Hey :slight_smile:

Just wanted to ask how you found the Island Suntanner in January? Was the weather good etc…looking at going next year :slight_smile: